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   Chapter 4109 I'm Human

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'It seems that the higher I climb up, the stronger the Other Shore Tokens are at the other end of the light, ' Geoffrey thought.

Then again, he had long confirmed such a theory.

However, a distinct boundary between the steps formed by the pages did not previously exist. He only knew that the Other Shore Tokens were always better in the next page.

Now that there was a distinct boundary, his interest naturally increased a lot.

He squatted on the side of the page and pointed towards the red light.

The moment he touched the red light, he saw a long, simple sword.

A layer of white cloth wrapped around the hilt of the sword, and it appeared worn down.

It also had a rough and dented blade with thin cracks.

Despite the sword's flaws, surprisingly, it emitted great energy all the time!

"Where is this sword located? It appears to be inside a tower…"

Then, he moved his fingers back and forth along the red light so he could adjust the angle of sight.

The inside of the tower was quite empty, but many Other Shore Tokens were neatly hung up on the wall.

"Is this a cultivation tower of some civilization?"

He had noticed before that there were some Other Shore Tokens placed with the other tokens in an orderly fashion.

Generally speaking, some civilizations and forces collected the Other Shore Tokens for their disciples to use.

This tower was no exception.

But compared to what he had observed before, there was more variety of Other Shore Tokens in this place.

While he observed the tower, the old man at the top of the tower suddenly saw something strange. At that moment, he dashed and went inside the tower.

Since he was connected to the Mysterious Yellow Tower, he could notice everything happening inside the tower as soon as it occurred.

For instance, he sensed that someone was observing the situation inside the tower just now.

The old man's movement also caught the attention of the young man in cyan robes. In the blink of an eye, the young man in cyan also rushed to the old man's side.

"What's wrong? Did anything happen?" the young man in cyan asked.

The old man looked around and said in a grave voice, "Someone is observing the Mysterious Yellow Tower."

The young man in cyan also followed the old man's gaze and smiled, "Did you have an illusion? Today is not the day to ring the bell. Why... "

"Shut up!" the old man scolded sternly.

The old man was usually quite amiable, while the young man was rather rude in front of him. However, the

nd so on," he explained.

All the words in the world consisted of letters.

The person on the other side could not speak, but he could control his gaze, which made it possible for them to communicate.

When the old man heard his disciple's idea, a faint smile graced his face. It was not unusual to spell words in letters to communicate, but his disciple had thought of it in a critical moment. Indeed, the young man was quite smart.

"It's your turn, old man," the young man in cyan said and waved his hand.

The old man asked the first question, "Who are you?"

On the other side, Geoffrey thought for a moment and gently moved his fingers on the red light.

Soon enough, he finished.

The letters spelled "human".

When the old man saw his answer, his face changed dramatically.

"Old man, has he given an answer already? That quickly?" the young man in cyan robes asked. Even then, he still looked impatient.

"Human," the old man said.

"Human!" The young man in cyan robes thought of this word in his mind, and he was also surprised. "It is a human spirit!" he declared.

"It is impossible. The human spirits, monkey spirits, snake spirits, and bird spirits cannot return to the main world. It's impossible to go back. It can't be a human spirit!" The old man shook his head.

On the opposite side, Geoffrey was also baffled.

'What is the human spirit they are talking about?

I'm human!'

Thus, he began to fiddle with the red light with his fingers.

He wanted to add the word "race."

His fingers moved the red light according to the way they agreed on.

Before he even finished, however, the old man already had the word in his mind.

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