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   Chapter 4108 The Red Stairs

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On the huge pillar, Geoffrey was climbing the steep staircase step by step.

In actuality, climbing up the huge pillar was a very complicated thing.

Every one thousand steps, there would be a statue blocking his way.

When it came to the rotten and scrapped statues, he dealt with them with ease. He only needed to carefully pass them without making any contact.

However, the intact and mobile ones were great trouble.

Every time Geoffrey encountered a statue that could move, he would forcefully pull the rope that connected him and Ziya.

Then, at the foot of the pillar, Ziya would pull Geoffrey down from the pillar.

Ziya wasn't able to clearly see what was happening on the pillar, so he was there as a support for Geoffrey.

Fortunately, he could still control his physical strength very well.

So whenever Geoffrey would be in danger, Ziya would immediately drag him down. And before he hit the ground, Ziya would firmly catch him.

When the statues started chasing after them, they would run towards the nearest cave.

However, the mobile statues were tenacious. Once they locked on their targets, they wouldn't give up easily until they were destroyed.

They circled down the stairs and chased after Geoffrey into the nearest world.

After several attempts of repeating the same process, Ziya realized that they were up for a long-term battle. Thus, he decided to put up a big array at the entrance of the world.

Geoffrey and Ziya entered the array first.

When the statues chased after them and entered the array, the array was instantly activated.

Streaks of golden lightning burst out from all directions and pierced into the weak parts of the statues.

Crack! Crack!

The statues were charred by the bolts of lightning, but they still weren't completely destroyed. With that, Ziya took out his God Lashing Whip.

He let out tens of thousands of golden whip shadows, lashing out the solid statues until they finally disintegrated.

"Fortunately, the statues have been corroded over time, so they were quite easy to destroy," Ziya said after crushing the statues to pieces.

The powers possessed by the statues in the past were absolutely greater compared to what they were experiencing now. Even Ziya couldn't fully resist them.

After destroying the most recent statue, Ziya noticed a frown on Geoffrey's face. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"I'm just tired," Geoffrey answered as he let out a sigh.

Personally, Geoffrey didn't have a persistent attitude.

Back then, he just came to explore the four pillars because he found them really interesting.

At first, he was fascinated by what he found out about it.

He could control other people's Other Shore Tokens at will, and he could climb up the stairs. He wondered


'This is bad. Should I go back?'

However, as soon as this thought entered his mind, he shook his head and slapped his cheeks with both hands.

Although he still felt tired, he realized how he had worked so hard to climb this height. It would all be in vain if he retreated now.

He still had great confidence that there were no more statues that were going to chase him, so he convinced himself to climb all the way to the top and have a look at what was waiting for him there.

Finally, Geoffrey made up his mind and continued climbing up the stairs without Ziya's protection.

In the upper half of the pillar, he noticed that the rays of light shining upon the stairs had gradually become scarce.

Previously, the light was densely distributed to every step. But now, every stair only had about one or two rays of light on them.

There were still extraordinary Other Shore Tokens at the end of the light, but Geoffrey just continued to move up.

After climbing for a few more days, he was now very close to the top of the pillar. Then suddenly, he noticed that the color of the stairs beneath his feet had changed.

The previously gray-colored stairs glowed bright red.

Moreover, on these bright red-colored stairs, there was no more light shining on them.

"The absence of light means that there are no Other Shore Tokens connected to them," Geoffrey muttered as he observed the stairs.

On the side of each stair, there were still many small black stones, but none of them was emitting light anymore.

As he continued to climb, the stairs that he had stepped on all became bright red in color, and there was still no light on them.

But after about five or six stairs, he finally saw a ray of light from one of the stairs.

The previous ones released an orange light, while this one emitted a bright red light.

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