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   Chapter 4107 Eliminate Hidden Dangers

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"Three times?!"

The crowd couldn't help but exclaim and ask repeatedly if what they heard was correct.

All of the Eternal Realm warriors that were present had already lived for countless years.

In those years, they had already used their bloodlines to the fullest, especially the human heroes.

And in the current civilization, the Snake Goddess, Fuxi, King Ieuan, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, Yasamin, and the Eternal Realm Hunters were in the same situation.

It actually meant that there was almost no room for further development anymore.

That was why it was very hard for them to imagine that a Blood-controlling Method could easily increase their blood power by three times.

After being extremely surprised, expressions of joy instantly filled everyone's faces.

"Zen, can you really confirm that?" Eastern Emperor Taiyi asked in disbelief. "Yes. It should be true," Zen answered confidently.

"Everyone's bloodline comes from the Four Spirits Sect. Generally, only after one joins the Four Spirits Sect can he or she be taught with the Blood-controlling Method. However, this time, it is sort of a special exception," he continued.

Currently, the Monkey Spirit King did not have much confidence to deal with the ferocious Snake Spirit Sect.

And although the strength of these human beings was much inferior compared to the Monkey Masters, they became worthy of being favored by the Monkey Spirit Sect. Moreover, Zen possessed the precious ancestry-level bloodline, meaning that his potential was limitless.

"I can't believe that there are such methods in this world!"

"It seems that there is still so much that we don't know."

"Well, the Blood-controlling Methods are from the main world outside the chaos. We should just be grateful that we can get a hold of this knowledge."

Everyone talked about it. Even the usually calm ones couldn't help but join the joyous conversations.

There was a huge cave inside the Heavenly Square City.

The cave extended from the left side of the Heavenly Square City to the right side. Then it winded its way west.

It almost extended to every corners of the Heavenly Square City. However, none of the rooms of different sizes inside the city was connected to it.

Cornelius, the Snake Spirit King, dwelled and was hidden in this cave. Beneath the Heavenly Square City, his body spread along the cave and to all the corners of the city.

From the outside, it would look like an ordinary city, but its true face was a lair of Cornelius.

Sewell entered from the top of the Heavenly Square City and climbed down to the center of the huge cave.

This was where Cornelius's head was located.

His head was covered with dark red scales, and each of these scales had unique patterns with red-blood light flowing within them. From these scales, a devastating aura was being constantly emitted.

On the head of the Snake Spirit King was a peculiar pair of cockscombs. Currently, his huge dreadful eyes were closed.

As Sewell arrived in front of Cornelius, he slightly bit his lip before approaching.

"My king..." Sewell whispered as he knelt in front of the Sn

hurry," Sewell replied.

Alston's suspicion grew continuously. "But how come there are so many snake spirits here just to kill us? Are you afraid that we will resist?"

As soon as Alston said this, the other monkey spirits had also become alert. They started to realize that there was something strange going on.

They were willing to defy all difficulties and danger for the Monkey Spirit King, and they were also ready to be killed just so they could enter the Night View Island.

It was quite abnormal for Sewell to arrange so many snake spirits that carried the Holy Stones.

"Come on. You're just thinking too much," Sewell said with a smile and still played it cool.

"Then how about we go to the Night View Island by ourselves? No matter how troublesome those birds are, I don't think we, the monkey spirits, would be defeated by them," Alston insisted.

Sewell's lips started to twitch as he became annoyed with the monkey spirits' stubbornness. "You don't need to do that..." He finally forced a smile as he lost his patience. "I've decided. All of you shall die here, right now!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he wagged his tail and immediately ordered the snake spirits to attack them.

Without the Holy Stones, the monkey spirits were unable to kill the snake spirits even with their monstrous strength. Even if they tore the bodies of the snake spirits into pieces, they would just recover immediately.

On the other hand, once the monkey spirits were stabbed by the white bones infused with the Light of Annihilation, they would instantly die.

It turned out to be a cruel massacre.

The battle was fierce at first but the monkey spirits' resistance was futile.

The monkey spirits were able to battle it out against the snake spirits for an hour before they were all finally eliminated.

"Go and erase their coordinates," Sewell said coldly after watching all of the monkey spirits dissipate after the vicious battle. "You brought this to yourselves. I was actually merciful enough to give you a quick death, but you asked for such a tragic one."

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