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   Chapter 4105 Reckless

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At that time, Zen had directly got into the body of the resentment-level Treacherous Being. He killed it instantly with the Light of Annihilation.

If not for his quick action, Zen and his companions would probably have all been killed on the Pure Sky Platform.

Now these coral-shaped blood streaks had reappeared, and they actually formed a sword at Zen's will!

"It's a basic Blood-controlling Method. If used on any other bloodlines, it wouldn't be very strong. I wonder how powerful the ancestry-level bloodline would be if this method is used on it?" Tearrag said, staring intently at the coral blood sword.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven was feeling somewhat confused. "Master Terrag, may I ask you something? After one merges with a bloodline, one will naturally be able to display its theurgy. What then is the use of this Blood-controlling Method?"

Usually, after a warrior merged with a bloodline, its power would become the warrior's basic talent.

For Eternal Realm warriors, such a Blood-controlling Method seemed unnecessary.

Tearrag was not interested in these theories of the Human Spirit Sect, but he knew a lot about secret skills and theurgies. He snorted at the Primeval Lord of Heaven's question. Coldly, he said, "The Blood-controlling Method is the most basic use of the bloodlines, and it can also stimulate the bloodline to the limit. The Eternal Realm warriors in your system only make use of less than thirty percent of their bloodlines!"

The Primeval Lord of Heaven was stunned, so was the Snake Goddess, whose bright eyes widened at Tearrag's words.

Was it true? The bloodline that they had always been proud of, which they had classified as the bloodline of the Eternal Realm, was only thirty percent activated?

"Or maybe a bit more," Tearrag added.

"But..." The Snake Goddess sounded unconvinced. "Why isn't there any Blood-controlling Method in the chaos?" she asked, looking directly at Tearrag.

This simple question stumped him. For a moment he was silent, at a loss for words.

He knew the Blood-controlling Method, but he didn't know how to build secondary worlds. He didn't even know why there was the need to build secondary worlds. He only knew that they could obtain energy from the secondary worlds.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven spoke up. "Could it be that one can only learn the Blood-controlling Method by becoming a member of the Four Spirits Sect?" he suggested.

Tearrag nodded. "Yes. If those monkeys in the secondary worlds are smart enough, after joining our Monkey Spirit Sect, we will naturally teach them the Blood-controlling Method. Those in the secondary worlds are not qualified to learn the skill."

The real Snake Goddess and the Primeval Lord of Heaven sighed inwardly.

They had only used thirty percent or less of the bloodline power they were proud of. The gap was bigger than they could have imagined.

"Is the Blood-controlling Method only a skill of using bloodlines?" the Snake Goddess asked.


d with a net of fine red lines, and his body was growing stiffer and stiffer. He opened his mouth but was no longer able to speak, although his eyes remained wide open.

There was an enormous boom.

Tearrag's body had exploded.

His body, in the form of a Treacherous Being, cracked along the lines of the red net on his skin. Chunks of his body flew in all directions, splattering all across the hall.

Fortunately, the Treacherous Being was not made of flesh and blood. If a normal body had disintegrated like this, the entire hall would be stained with gore.

"Master Tearrag!"

Zen, the real Primeval Lord of Heaven, and the real Snake Goddess gazed around them at the pieces of Tearrag's body, wearing looks of helplessness and anxiety.

"I'm going to find other Monkey Masters for help!" the Primeval Lord of Heaven said.

These Monkey Masters were all elites in the Monkey Spirit Sect. They had to explain what had happened, so no one would think that a Monkey Master had been killed by Zen.

They were startled when a familiar voice suddenly spoke.

"No need for that," said Tearrag.

The pieces scattered across the hall began to wriggle towards each other. In a few moments, they had all joined together to reform Tearrag's body.

Indeed, the Treacherous Beings were truly terrifying. Their bodies were flexible and virtually indestructible. Even a Treacherous Being who had been cut into thousands of pieces, like Tearrag, could regenerate almost immediately.

Of course, if Zen had used the Light of Annihilation, the result might be different.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven heaved a deep sigh of relief upon seeing that Tearrag had completely recovered.

Tearrag came up to Zen and studied his coral blood sword closely. There was a trace of envy in his eyes.

So, the most basic Blood-controlling Method could actually achieve such power. How terrifying would it be if all the potential of the ancestry-level bloodline in Zen's body was brought out fully?

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