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   Chapter 4104 Coral Blood Sword

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Since the core of Heavenly Obsession Civilization couldn't decipher the Sanskrit words on the seventeenth stone tablet, they had no choice but to leave it to the Monkey Masters.

Although there was little hope, Zen still decided to take the stone tablet to them to ask.

Upon receiving the stone tablet from Zen, Tearrag didn't show any impatience. He looked it over for a bit before declaring, "These are not Sanskrit words."

"Not Sanskrit words?" Zen echoed, raising his eyebrows slightly.

Earlier, the records on the stone tablets Zen read were all written in Sanskrit. Could there possibly be another language in the Four Spirits Sect?

Tearrag held up the stone tablet. "It's a Blood-controlling Method," he said. "Look at these curved lines. Don't you think they look like a monkey?"

Zen, the real Primeval Lord of Heaven and the real Snake Goddess all turned their gazes to the stone tablet to study it once more.

Now that Tearrag pointed it out, they could vaguely make out a figure.

Although these lines were messy, they were actually very similar to the meridians in one's body.

"I think it looks more like a human..." the Primeval Lord of Heaven couldn't help but speak up.

"Monkey!" Tearrag snapped decisively, casting him a glare.

One of the reasons why the Human Spirit Sect and the Monkey Spirit Sect were very close to each other was that their bodies were similar in form.

Thus, if the human spirits could use the methods created by Kincaid, the monkey spirits wouldn't have any problem performing the same. However, it was a different story for the bird and snake spirits.

"How does one use this Blood-controlling Method?" Zen cleared his throat.

"Just operate according to the meridians on the pattern. These four pictures are four small circulations, and they form one big circulation..." As Tearrag spoke, his fingers were tracing the lines on the stone tablet. Suddenly, his expression changed. "This operation method is so strange. Does this really have anything to do with the ancestry-level bloodline?"

In fact, the Blood-controlling Method created by Kincaid was no secret in the Four Spirits Sect. However, the Monkey Masters had no interest in matters outside their sect. While they had great talent in cultivation, they only really cared about the methods they could make use of.

If one couldn't merge with the ancestry-level bloodline, the Blood-controlling Method was deemed useless to them, so the Monkey Masters didn't concern themselves with it.

However, what appeared to be a useless waste to the Monkey Masters turned out to be extremely important to Zen. Talk about one man's trash being another one's treasure!

The real Snake Goddess suddenly spoke up. "Back then, when no one coul

his hands trembled violently.

"What's wrong, Zen?" the real Snake Goddess asked with concern.

"Are you all right?" the Primeval Lord of Heaven piped in.

Meanwhile, Tearrag glanced at Zen indifferently.

The Monkey Spirit King was very interested in the abilities of the ancestry-level bloodline, but these Monkey Masters thought differently.

It was because of the ancestry-level bloodline that the Four Spirits Sect was reduced to this situation. In the eyes of the Monkey Masters, this thing was the source of their downfall, and would not bring any benefits to the Monkey Spirit Sect. Thus, they looked at it with disdain.

"I'm fine..." Zen said shakily.

Wincing slightly, he opened his right hand, palm facing up.

His palm began to crack, and traces of bright red blood began to fill the palm.

Raising his hand gently to study it, thin blood streaks painted his palm, like an intricate coral reef.

Then, a thought crossed Zen's mind. Like lightning, the streaks of blood responded immediately. In the blink of an eye, the blood streaks moved around to form the shape of a blood sword, which was exactly what Zen had been thinking!

Because it was woven from threads of blood, the blood sword was filled with pulsating coral branches. It truly resembled an intricately-shaped coral.

The moment Tearrag's eyes landed on the coral blood sword, he immediately took a few steps back.

The Monkey Masters had a strong fighting instinct, and Tearrag immediately sensed that this strange blood sword was dangerous.

The real Primeval Lord of Heaven and the real Snake Goddess didn't budge, but they recalled to mind that time Zen and the resentment-level Treacherous Being had fought back on the Pure Sky Platform.

At the time, Zen's body had been devoured; only coral-like streaks of blood were left of him.

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