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   Chapter 4102 Bold Conjecture House

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The general trend was that the stronger a certain race was, the smaller its number of members would be. The direct opposite also held true.

This particular trend could be observed in both the main and secondary worlds.

Although Kincaid failed to find a powerful race with enough individuals to serve as subjects for his experiment, he refused to give up.

He had sacrificed the Heron Mice first, to be the specimens on testing the repelling power of the ancestry-level bloodline. When they were all depleted, he had started using different and stronger creatures to further the experiment.

However, even with this, the experiment still failed in the end.

The main reason was that the repelling power of the ancestry-level bloodline had strange judging criteria. It could only be utilized to a certain type of creature or race. If the experimental subject changed into a totally different one in the middle of the process, the repelling power would recover completely and all of the prior progress would be lost.

This strange phenomenon was recorded in detail on the stone tablets.

After the attempt of strengthening the root-level bloodlines had failed, Kincaid decided to take a new route and tried to merge different bloodlines this time.

As Zen translated the words on the tablets at this point, the Primeval Lord of Heaven was greatly surprised. "Whoa. So, it turns out that the Human Spirit King has begun merging bloodlines so much earlier than I did," he said with a trembling smile.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven had also conducted countless experiments in the Ghost Mountain, and he knew how difficult it really was to merge bloodlines.

Well technically, it was not difficult to simply combine two different kinds of bloodlines. However, soon after they were merged, the abilities of the paired bloodlines would start rejecting each other, causing the energy to be very unstable.

Because of this, most blended bloodlines could only exist for a few seconds, while others could last for a couple of hours at most.

After experimenting for quite a long time, the Primeval Lord of Heaven was successful to maintain several types of blended bloodlines up to a few months before they finally disintegrated.

Such bloodlines would be unsuitable to be fused with warriors. However, since the sole purpose of his experiment was only to help awaken the Monkey Spirit King, this drawback could be ignored.

When Kincaid was the one performing the experiments, he had much better conditions and resources than the Primeval Lord of Heaven.

Most people around the Primeval Lord of Heaven had only obtained the source-level bloodlines, and only a very few ones had obtained the root-level bloodlines.

On the other hand, after Kincaid did a lot of experiments, all kinds of source-level and root-level bloodlines could be found in the Four Spirits Sect.

Therefore, the Human Spirit King had more options to select from compared to the Primeval Lord of Heaven.

It should have been much easier for him to attain dramatic progress because of his resources.

Furthermore, Kincaid didn't carry out the experiments on his own. He should have many capable assistants in the Human Spirit Sect to help him out.

After a series of co

cestry-level bloodline itself. For him, it was the most perfect power in the world, and he wouldn't settle for less until he got what he wanted.

In his long years in the main world, Kincaid had almost tried all sorts of methods just to study it.

He even tried to merge all of the three hundred and seventy-three source-level bloodlines in an attempt to create a new ancestry-level bloodline. But in the end, he failed.

Zen continued reading the contents of the stone tablet which almost seemed like diary entries of someone from the Bold Conjecture House.

"After countless trials, we discovered that the ancestry-level bloodline has a life of its own.

We should have noticed that earlier. It's alive and it has its own mind. But still, the real problem is how we could effectively communicate with it..."

"The construction of the Eternal Divine Courtyard was already completed, and Master Cornelius required that the ancestry-level bloodline be stored in the sacred cup. Master Cornelius ordered that no one is allowed to get close to the ancestry-level bloodline if there is no important reason, not even Master Kincaid. Even the members of the Bold Conjecture House are prohibited from entering the Eternal Divine Courtyard. That's just too much!"

"Master Kincaid said that since we couldn't find a better way to produce greater results, we have to use the simplest method. He said that we needed to refine a body that could withstand the overwhelming power of the ancestry-level bloodline.

But that's just impossible. I asked Master Kincaid what kind of body would be able to withstand the ancestry-level bloodline.

He said that it must be a body that is as strong as the sacred cup.

I didn't really get it. Did he mean that we should refine a creature's flesh into metal? At first, I thought that Master Kincaid must have gone crazy. However, the Bold Conjecture House really started achieving this requirement!"

'They did what?' Zen's mouth remained open after reading the contents of the stone tablet.

As he raised his head and looked at the Primeval Lord of Heaven and the Snake Goddess, he saw the same astonishment on their faces.

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