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   Chapter 4101 Records

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According to the records, the four kings had been on good terms and trusted each other.

Any creature in the Four Spirits Sect could have a try to obtain the abilities of the ancestry-level bloodline.

After the strength of the Four Spirits Sect increased, they began to expand and enlarge their scale.

Their demand for ancestry-level bloodline also grew in return.

However, merging with the ancestry-level bloodline could only be done by a small number of the talents in the Four Spirits Sect.

The vast majority of the members tried many times, but they all resulted in failure.

However, there was one attempt that marked a turning point—Kincaid's.

He had divided the ancestry-level bloodline

with a not very complicated method.

For experiments, the human spirits captured a large number of snow-white mice with wings called Heron Mice. These mice were pinned down and forcibly injected with the ancestry-level blood.

The energy contained in the ancestry-level bloodline was overwhelming, making it unbearable for the mice.

The only consequence for them after absorbing the ancestry-level bloodline was to explode and die.

The experiments yielded the same results repeatedly.

Fortunately, tens of billions of Heron Mice thrived in the forest closest to the Four Spirits Sect.

The monkey spirits in the Monkey Spirit Sect had the most important task of capturing the mice for decades.

Nearly a million mice had died from all the experiments when, finally, one of them managed to survive.

It wasn't because the mouse was special, but because the ancestry-level bloodline had become "tired".

In the beginning, both Cornelius and Sheehan believed the power of the ancestry-level bloodline to be inexhaustible, but Kincaid didn't agree. He felt that everything had its limits.

Orlando himself was not interested in the mystery of the ancestry-level bloodline. He was also unwilling to learn about it, so he blindly agreed with Kincaid.

Only the Human Spirit Sect and the Monkey Spirit Sect supported the research on the ancestry-level bloodline. The Bird Spirit Sect and the Snake Spirit Sect showed no concern with it.

When Kincaid injected the ancestry-level bloodline into the body of the Heron Mouse, he keenly sensed the slight change that occurred in the ancestry-level bloodline.

The inexhaustible energy of the ancest

ul source bloodlines, they had to use powerful creatures as well.

The main world didn't have many powerful creatures, leaving the Four Spirits Sect with few choices.

They explored and hunted, which led them to several selected targets.

Among these were numerous ants of several hundred feet in size and black midges.

The Snake Spirit Sect and the Bird Spirit Sect agreed that capturing these creatures was difficult, but they appreciated the human spirits' efforts and asked their members to join them in working.

The division of labor in the Four Spirits Sect led to a great improvement in their efficiency.

Soon after, the experiments were carried out with the powerful creatures.

Everything went smoothly. After about one hundred thousand ants died, Kincaid once again obtained a much stronger source bloodline.

It had possessed forty percent of a single ability of the ancestry-level bloodline.

Kincaid named it root-level bloodline, and the previous one was named the source-level bloodline.

With the popularity of the source-level and the root-level bloodlines in the Four Spirits Sect, their strength excelled once again.

They were able to produce elites in batches which could only be resisted by very few races in the main world.

Even so, Kincaid remained dissatisfied.

He aspired to obtain a much stronger bloodline, or better, to figure out a method to directly fuse with the ancestry-level bloodline.

However, he had not fulfilled this wish because of the absence of both an extremely powerful and populous race in the main world.

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