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   Chapter 4095 The Energy Of A Drop Of Blood (Part Two)

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So Tearrag, despite his curiosity and excitement, resisted the urge to break through the enchanted barriers and see the wolf tooth for himself. Instead, he fell on his knees and offered a silent wish.

He said, "Humans, I do not care what method you use. Please do your best to restore the rest of the wolf teeth."

Little did Tearrag know that as he was doing this, the drop of blood, which entered into the first wolf tooth, moved into the second wolf tooth. The magic that happened with the first one also happened with the second one! Its dents were fixed. It gained its color, and it glowed even brighter!

The drop of blood then rolled into the third wolf tooth, the fourth one, and then the fifth one! It went on and on!

Tearrag was shocked to feel the waves of auras one after the other. The human heroes inside the cave felt the same way.

Before this, none of them knew how many drops were needed from the ancestry-level bloodline in order to restore the thirteen wolf teeth. All of them suspected it would take a large amount to fix something so broken.

But the reality was something they did not even consider.

Only a single drop of blood was needed to restore all of the wolf teeth.

Soon enough, it repaired all of them! The thirteen wolf teeth glowed, and their merged aura was more powerful than ever.

As soon as the drop of blood restored all of the teeth, it climbed up Zen's arm. It went directly towards his wound and entered it, sending off the same stream of energy it had given the wolf teeth to his arm. A few seconds later, the long wound on Zen's arm was fading into clear and smooth skin. The drop of blood healed his wound so quickly. It was as if nothing ever happened to it!

"This bloodline..." the real Chiyou trailed. "It is so amazing! I really have no words for it," he continued, his eyebrows still fu

on the way." The Monkey Master nodded and went on his way.

All of the Monkey Masters went to the sleeping Monkey Spirit King, making sure the Thirteen Teeth Necklace was safe and used by the one who needed it the most.

When they arrived, none of them dared to be too close to the Monkey Spirit King. They all knew he had just undergone a traumatic crisis. He was only experiencing the world in his dreams, but his dreams convoluted his reality, making his actions unpredictable. They did not know how he would react to them, so they took caution.

They knew the Monkey Spirit King might attack if he sensed there was something wrong.


With a quick yet careful flick of a wrist, the Monkey Master carrying the Thirteen Teeth Necklace was able to drop it onto the Monkey Spirit King's neck.

Being asleep and deep in a restless dream, the Monkey Spirit King was not able to see what had been placed upon him, but he was able to feel it. He felt the additional weight that had been placed upon his neck, and it took up its own form in his dream.

In the darkness of his sleep, he saw something glowing from the corner of his vision. It was the Thirteen Teeth Necklace, and it had just arrived in his world of dream.

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