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   Chapter 4087 Turning Point

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The Monkey Spirit King knew that he was currently a Treacherous Being.

The Four Spirits Sect had long found about the secret of the Treacherous Being, and they were able to study and research more about it.

It was known that the main world and the secondary worlds had completely different natures.

Indeed, the creatures born from the main world almost looked exactly the same as those from the secondary worlds in terms of appearance, physical attributes, soul, and inner world. However, that was just what it looked like.

It was also a fact that creatures born from the main world had an attribute that those from the secondary worlds didn't have.

The interesting part was this attribute couldn't be displayed in the main world.

For example, if a certain creature of the main world was killed, then it would die. Its blood would be drained out, and its corpse would rot. Ultimately, it would return to dust.

However, that wasn't the case when this creature was brought to the secondary world.

If it was killed in a secondary world, the corpse would also decay and turn to dust.

But afterward, it would revive in the form of a Treacherous Being.

It was said that the Treacherous Being body was a form of special protection for the creatures of the main world. It would be difficult for anyone to kill it, and even if someone did, it could still revive.

Originally, the location where the Treacherous Being would revive was also the place where it formerly died, and it was intended to be immovable.

These things were what the Monkey Spirit King knew about the Treacherous Being body.

While possessing incredible power and being able to revive repeatedly were definite advantages, a Treacherous Being also had a major drawback—the process of its awakening.

The stronger one's strength originally was, the stronger obsession that person would need to complete their awakening.

Thus it was very difficult to fulfil the Monkey Spirit King's obsession and achieve his awakening.

The Monkey Spirit King was badly hurt just before he died.

The Thirteen Teeth Necklace had disintegrated, and it was nearly impossible to collect and gather all the wolf teeth back.

Now that the wolf teeth had appeared today, the Monkey Spirit King had instantly felt that something wrong was going on.

And when he saw the three-colored rope, his hunch grew stronger.

He tried his best to remain calm and assess what was going on.

Upon giving it a lot of thought, he discerned that the creatures outside were not his descendants.

They were here to plot something against him.

Although it was already clear for the Monkey Spirit King that the situation was very critical, he still didn't understand much about the other party's intention.

The field of dream should be totally safe.

It should block all kinds of danger and anything that was beyond his obsession.

'What's going on? What's with this three-colored rope?'

Just as the Monkey Spirit King was still contemplating and inspecting the three-colored rope, it suddenly disentangled and divided into three parts—red, black, and green strands. Then, in front of his eyes, the ro

owerful master like the Monkey Spirit King. It was such a fearsome breakthrough.

However, although the Snake Masters had carefully organized a thorough plan, they had missed a crucial point.

According to Sewell's arrangement, the three snakes formed by the Three Resentments Poison should have entered the dream world along with the thirteen wolf teeth.

If the Monkey Spirit King wanted to leave the dream, he needed to get a hold of the Thirteen Teeth Necklace first. But once he obtained it, he would definitely be entangled by the Three Resentments Poison. In one way or another, the Monkey Spirit King should have no way to escape.

However, the problem was that although the wolf teeth were already on the edge of the dream, they were still in a blurry state.

This only meant that the wolf teeth didn't actually enter the dream.

Meanwhile, the three snakes continued to extend their bodies and chased the Monkey Spirit King down.

The Monkey Spirit King kept running until he saw a dead end.

A shiver ran down his spine, as he knew that he was in a complete bind. However, as he turned around and looked at the snakes chasing at him, he was stunned and confused at the same time.

The snakes had straightened their bodies and were unable to move forward anymore.

"Wait. What happened?"

The Monkey Spirit King inspected the bodies of the snakes until his gaze went all the way to the thirteen wolf teeth at their end.

As he noticed that the wolf teeth were still in a blurry state, a huge smile immediately emerged on his face. He instantly understood what was going on and the former terrified expression on his face was replaced with ecstasy.

The three little snakes had come into the dream world, but the wolf teeth did not.

The bodies of the snakes couldn't extend indefinitely, as the wolf teeth prevented them and dragged them back outside of the dream.

"But how did this happen?" While the Monkey Spirit King was overjoyed that he was now safe, he was also confused about what had just happened. "It could only mean one thing.

The wolf teeth are not my obsession?"

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