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   Chapter 4086 A Dream

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The instant the Thirteen Teeth Necklace draped around his neck, the Monkey Spirit King, who had been restless, suddenly became serene.

His originally cloudy eyes gradually turned clear, and they filled with great wisdom.


Sewell quickly slid down from the shoulder of the Monkey Spirit King.

"Master Sewell, does this mean the Monkey Spirit King has awakened now?" the Eye Spirit asked worriedly.

Anyone, upon seeing the Monkey Spirit King's crystal eyes, would suspect that he had awakened if they didn't know the truth.

"Not so fast," Sewell cautioned with a chuckle.

Then he slithered and twisted his body.

The Sanskrit words painted all over the snake began to flicker in a rapid succession.

As Sewell continued to coil his body, the three-colored rope that had strung the thirteen wolf teeth together now began to jiggle around the Monkey Spirit King's neck.

A strand of rope separated from the cord and penetrated into the base of the Monkey Spirit King's skull.

If something else had penetrated the Monkey Spirit King's body, he would've rejected it automatically. However, the Thirteen Teeth Necklace was the most cherished treasure to him, so he had no qualms at all about the three-colored rope extended into his brain!

After the three-colored strand bored into the back of his head, it began to unravel inside.

One single strand was subdivided into three, and then three into nine, followed by nine into eighty-one...

In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of three-colored strands unraveled inside the Monkey Spirit King's head. These strands formed thin needles that pierced into his brain one by one.


The Monkey Spirit King abruptly raised his head, and then he lifted and stamped his left foot.


The entire hall shook violently, and even the Eye Spirit was startled by this unexpected action.

"Don't panic. That is merely a reflex reaction as the Three Resentments Poison infiltrates deeper into his brain..." Sewell explained. "Slowly, the Three Resentments Poison will assume control over his hands, feet, and then his entire body..."

While he was explaining, the Monkey Spirit King lifted and stamped his right foot.


The hall began reverberating with the shock.

Once the Monkey Spirit King had stamped both his feet, he suddenly rose from his throne and took a stride forward!

The Eye Spirit and Sewell were both within range of the Monkey Spirit King's next footfall.

"Fall back!"

Seeing the huge sole of a raised foot coming towards them, Sewell had his expression changed slightly.

He and the Eye Spirit quickly rushed out

rteen different blended bloodlines he possessed.

Besides, his descendants were now living in the chaos, and they couldn't return to the main world.

He waited in dismay for many more chaotic eras.

Except for the occasional instance of a blended bloodline or two, he could no longer sense the presence of a new wolf tooth.

Another thousand chaotic eras rolled away. Then, suddenly, the Monkey Spirit King sensed the fourth wolf tooth!

His hope was rekindled after more than one thousand chaotic eras!

The Monkey Spirit King was overcome with excitement.

This dream resembled a prison, and it required thirteen keys to open it!

Hope shone in the Monkey Spirit King's mind again.

He didn't mind the long wait. As long as the number of wolf teeth multiplied, he would find new hope all the time.

But after only a short span of time, the Monkey Spirit King was surprised to sense all nine remaining wolf teeth!

All of the thirteen wolf teeth had been located!

They had formed a circle, and floated together at the edge of the dreamland.

"I am Orlando! King of all monkey spirits! I will return to you today!"

the Monkey Spirit King roared with excitement, the echoes of his voice spreading throughout the dreamland.

He expected the wolf teeth floating around the edge of the dreamland to come into focus in his mind.

The power of these thirteen wolf teeth would penetrate into the dreamland, returning him to life.

But soon, the Monkey Spirit King discovered something was amiss. The three-colored rope stringing the wolf teeth together was emitting a strange aura.

More importantly, the wolf teeth didn't come into focus in his eyes but remained blurry.

A sense of ill-boding rose in the Monkey Spirit King's mind.

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