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   Chapter 4085 The Thirteen Teeth Necklace

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This kind of movement was not rare among Treacherous Beings.

All of them—even hostility-level and resentment-level ones—were capable of acting strangely at certain times. This habit made them difficult to control.

Manuel had come here several times to attempt to awaken the Monkey Spirit King with three wolf teeth. But after repeated failures, he had decided to give it up.

Now, however, Manuel saw an opportunity. He looked eagerly at the Eye Spirit, hoping he would be able to take out the nine remaining wolf teeth.

The Eye Spirit did not move. Four wolf teeth hovered in front of him, slowly rotating in midair, but he did not hand the rest over.

Several moments passed. Finally, Manuel became anxious at the wait. He said urgently, "Where are the nine remaining wolf teeth?"

"I can't give them to you now," the Eye Spirit replied calmly.

"Why not?" Manuel asked. His voice was very cold.

He didn't have the patience to wait any longer.

After all, the Monkey Masters considered it humiliating to ask the help of the creatures from the chaos.

"By the order of Master Sewell," answered the Eye Spirit. "He said that you must leave here before he hands over the remaining wolf teeth."

Manuel scowled. So it was Sewell.

He was one of the strongest Snake Masters in the Snake Spirit Sect.

Indeed, he had a status similar to Manuel's in the Snake Spirit Sect.

Manuel was familiar with Sewell's power and status.

"Did that snake say that?" Manuel demanded.

"I am not lying to you," said the Eye Spirit. "The fact is that I work for Master Sewell, and only he has the ability to take out the nine remaining wolf teeth."

Manuel stared grimly at the Eye Spirit and asked, "Do you have his coordinates?"


"Contact him and tell him I want to see him," Manuel ordered, not bothering to be polite.

The Eye Spirit was unmoved. "Master Sewell does not want to see you. That's one of the necessary conditions to wake up the Monkey Spirit King."

Although the Eye Spirit had seemed very weak before, he was acting aggressive now. Facing Manuel alone, he was stern and unyielding.

Now that he had mentioned Sewell, it was clear he had no intention of giving way.

A hint of cautious hesitation rose in Manuel's eyes.

Even if the Monkey Spirit King hadn't awakened, he was not to be trifled with.

If the Eye Spirit and his companions dared to play any tricks, they would be courting death.

With thirteen wolf teeth, the Ghost Master would be resurrect

ething out of his mouth.

Three strands of venom shot out, long and gleaming, like sharp arrows.

Each strand had a different color. One was dark red, another was pitch black, and the third was colored a vibrant green.

The strands of venom were thick and dense. As soon as Sewell spat them out, they began solidifying into three slender ropes.

The rope strands intertwined with one another, their pointed ends aimed towards the wolf teeth. As the braided strand drilled through the small holes in the wolf teeth, stringing them together, it formed a complete Thirteen Teeth Necklace.

Sewell opened his jaws and took the Thirteen Teeth Necklace gently in his fangs. He slithered towards the Monkey Spirit King.

In the normal course of things, no one dared to approach the Monkey Spirit King unless directly ordered to do so, or they would get trampled to death.

Even before he had awoken, no one could avoid his kicks, and so they left him alone.

However, the Monkey Spirit King was still slightly dazed and confused, and he allowed Sewell to approach unharmed.

The Monkey Spirit King was not inclined to attack Sewell when he was holding the precious Thirteen Teeth Necklace in his mouth.

The only sound in the space was of Sewell moving closer and closer.

He reached the body of the Monkey Spirit King and began twining his snake form around him.

Eventually he reached the shoulder of the Monkey Spirit King. He flicked his head and released the Thirteen Teeth Necklace, throwing it high into the air.

The necklace rapidly expanded in midair. It soared upwards, increasing in size, then fell down around the neck of the Monkey Spirit King.

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