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   Chapter 4084 A Sign Of Awakening

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When they first reached the Eternal Realm, the Snake Goddess and the Primeval Lord of Heaven already speculated that

aside from the bloodlines in the outer and inner circles of the Eternal Scroll Painting, there should be even more powerful bloodlines that existed.

However, they did not know what kinds of bloodlines there were above the inner circles' bloodlines. After all, no one had ever studied it.

During their imprisonment in the Night View Island, four of them became the Great Ghost Priests and after they cleared many things with the Monkey Masters, they no longer felt that confused.

After all, they now knew that the bloodlines in the inner circles were called the root-level bloodlines, and above the root-level bloodlines were the origin-level bloodlines, which were four blended bloodlines.

In addition to the four bloodlines, the masters in the main world had also merged with many unique bloodlines.

For instance, the Monkey Spirit King had fused with thirteen types of bloodlines and was one of the most prominent creatures.

Since he had gotten to blend those bloodlines, then it meant that the Primeval Lord of Heaven could also do the same. Thus, he decided to give it a try, and only then did the human race have a safe place to settle down in the Ghost Mountain.

Still, putting aside the difficulty to blend the bloodlines, he also knew well that the chances of awakening the Monkey Spirit King through such a method were very slim.

There were many types of bloodlines in the Eternal Scroll Painting alone. According to the information from the Monkey Masters, there were also even more bloodlines in the main world.

It was much harder to form the thirteen bloodlines that the Monkey Spirit King had, through the permutation and combination of numerous bloodlines.

What made things worse was that the Primeval Lord of Heaven only had thirty-nine kinds of bloodlines in his hands. He could not use such a small number of bloodlines to create something that met the requirements of the Monkey Spirit King.

To everyone's surprise, though, he succeeded in blending the bloodlines for the first time, which slightly moved the sleeping Monkey Spirit King. Only then did the Monkey Masters allow him to keep trying out, and he finally felt a glimmer of hope.

However, just after he fused with his energy soul, he learned the damning truth.

In general, the ancestry-level bloodline had a total of four quadrants and three hundred and seventy-three abilities.

When he read the energy soul's memory, he became shocked and distressed.

It turn

way to the Night View Island, and he was the best gift given to the human race. Unfortunately, the Element Spirit Civilization was like a ghost that chased after them all the time, which always made them feel stressed and worried.

Now, they could only wish that the Element Spirit Civilization would fail.

Just then, Manuel pushed open the large door and led the Eye Spirit in.

When the Eye Spirit entered, his eyeball contracted sharply.

Behind the large door was a massive throne, where a mountain-like creature sat.

It was the Monkey Spirit King, Orlando.

He was one of the strongest sect leaders of the Four Spirits Sect.

Even if there were hostility-level, resentment-level, and hatred-level Treacherous Beings, all the Monkey Masters were greater than all of them.

And the Monkey Spirit King outranked them all.

The Monkey Spirit King was also a Treacherous Being, but he looked like he did not have a lot of the Treacherous Being's features. Instead, he looked like an immensely powerful physical body.

The Monkey Spirit King sat on the enormous throne as if he had fallen asleep, with his big, ferocious head tilted to the side and his eyes tightly closed.

The Eye Spirit could hardly imagine what kind of light and horrible pressure the Monkey Spirit King's eyes would release when he woke up him.

Manuel stretched out his hand.

Four wolf teeth had appeared in his palm.

There were already three wolf teeth in the Ghost Mountain, and plus the one that the Eye Spirit gave to the cyan-skinned Great Ghost Priest, there were four wolf teeth in total.

As soon as Manuel displayed the four wolf teeth in front, Orlando slightly moved on the throne. It was a sign of his awakening.

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