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   Chapter 4083 Return The Energy Souls

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Having dealt with the Snake Spirit Sect for so many years, the Eye Spirit knew very well the kind of temperament the Snake Masters had. And it was nothing good.

These powerful warriors were known to be capricious and tyrannical.

In front of any creatures of chaos, they always maintained an innate sense of superiority.

It was not impossible to negotiate terms with them, but that happened only when they themselves needed something rather urgently.

To be honest, even the monkeys were not much different from those snakes at this point...

Even if they were determined to get the wolf teeth, that didn't mean that the Element Spirit race could ask for anything in return, which was why the Eye Spirit had interrupted Claire.

Manuel turned his head and glanced at the Primeval Lord of Heaven. He then commanded in a curt tone, "Take the humans on the Ghost Altar to the eastern region. All the humans will not be allowed to go out during this period of time!"

The eastern region was the territory of the human race in the Ghost Mountain.

The guy had basically imprisoned all the humans just with a single sentence.

"Master Manuel..."

Emperor Charm was about to say something, but the Primeval Lord of Heaven coughed and interrupted him. He agreed instantly, "Yes, sir!"

Then he told Fuxi, the Snake Goddess and the others, "You guys, come on up!"

Zen, the Snake Goddess, Fuxi, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, Yasmin, as well as Campbell, who was at the moment, in the form of a Treacherous Being, leaped up and stood beside the Primeval Lord of Heaven.

And when King Ieuan, the three Eternal Realm Hunters flew up to follow them as well, a powerful force came crashing down on them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four muffled thuds were also heard after the large bang.

The four of them had been smashed down hard on the Ghost Altar.

And the smashing force was nothing small. After the dust had settled, King Ieuan tried to get up from the ground, but its legs seemed weak and it merely lay on the ground. Blood was gurgling out from the corner of its mouth.

The three Eternal Realm Hunters were also in a similar situation.

In fact, several of Thurston's and Sawyer's bones had been broken, and they could hardly even try to stand up. Only Pearson was in an okay-ish shape.

Looking around, they discovered it was Manuel who had slapped them down.

The he scolded with a harsh roar, "Just who the hell do you think you are? You are not even Great Ghost Priests, and you want to enter the third floor? I don't think so!"

In the eyes of the Monkey Masters, the Great Ghost Priests were nothing more than a group of slaves. Their sole job was to obey orders.

As for warriors from the many races of the Other Shore, they were nothing but a group of walking corpses to the Monkey Masters.

In retrospect, Manuel had spared their lives only because he didn't care enough to kill them.

Otherwise, if he had used just a little bit mo

nd it was even more difficult to find a way into the Night View Island. In fact, the real Snake Goddess had always considered it to be impossible.

The other human heroes also looked at them in surprise.

At that time, Zen, who was standing next to the Primeval Lord of Heaven, spoke up, "It's a long story. The answer lies in the memories of the energy souls that you placed in the Creation Myth Temple."

After he finished speaking, energy souls of those human heroes emerged from the top of his head one after another.

When they saw their energy souls, their jaws dropped in shock...

The Snake Goddess was the first one to ask, "Did you go to the Creation Myth Temple? That book... "

"I have already carried it," Zen piped in.

Whoever carried the Civilization Artifact of the human race could be considered as their leader. This was a rule they had decided to follow since a long time ago and it was still binding.

The real Snake Goddess nodded. She didn't utter a word. Instead, she just waited for her energy soul to rush into her mind and began to merge with the memories of the energy soul...

From Stage Seventeen till now, every single memory was drilled into the minds of the real human heroes.

Through that assimilation process, they came to know Zen's name, the situation of the Source World, the reason why the passageway to the Night View Island was repaired, and the unfathomable ancestry-level bloodline in Zen's body!

The moment the real Snake Goddess found out about the ancestry-level bloodline, she suddenly opened her eyes. She was so shocked that her face turned pale as her gaze turned towards the real Primeval Lord of Heaven.

However, the latter didn't say anything. Instead, he merely smiled at her in response.

Just now, he had merged with the memories of his energy soul, and he had had the same expression as the real Snake Goddess. In fact, his expressions had been much more exaggerated than the real Snake Goddess's.

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