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   Chapter 4082 Conditions

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"I'll go with you!"

"Me, too!"

"Manuel, please take me with you!"

The Monkey Masters were speaking over each other now, scrambling for the chance to accompany Manuel.

Manuel was the leader of the Monkey Masters.

Manuel's eyes scanned the throng quickly. "Tearrag, Hagar, and Nereus. The three of you, come with me!"

Now that some people had brought wolf teeth here to the Ghost Mountain, there was no need to worry about any of them escaping.

The Monkey Masters were all indispensable core members of the Monkey Spirit Sect. Even if they became Treacherous Beings, they would be extremely powerful after they were awakened.

As the cyan-skinned Great Ghost Priest led the way back to the Ghost Altar, he felt dread creep into his heart.

He was a Great Ghost Priest on the side of the human race.

He had been worried on his way to deliver the wolf tooth.

If the wolf tooth was real, it wouldn't be good for the humans at the Ghost Altar right now.

Now that that was the case, those humans were definitely in danger.

The cyan-skinned Great Ghost Priest and the four Monkey Masters arrived at the space channel shortly. With a small bow, the Great Ghost Priest gestured respectfully for the Monkey Masters to go through first. "After you."

Manuel swaggered into the space channel.

In an instant, he reappeared at an entrance above the Ghost Altar.

"A Treacherous Being?"

Zen and the others looked up and stared at Manuel as he stepped into view.

Manuel wasn't actively emanating any aura.

But his mere presence inspired awe.

Zen hadn't experienced this feeling for a long time, not even with the Eye Spirit.

Was this Treacherous Being a hatred-level one? How powerful was he?

"Greetings, Master Manuel!"

the Primeval Lord of Heaven spoke up, respectfully.

Although the Ghost Mountain belonged to the Ghost Master, he hadn't awoken yet.

The Ghost Mountain was under the control of these Monkey Masters. Among them, Manuel enjoyed the highest status. He was thus, at that moment, the de facto controller of the Ghost Mountain.

Manuel nodded to the Primeval Lord of Heaven in acknowledgement.

He ignored the other Great Ghost Priests completely.

The Great Ghost Priests were powerful and majestic beings in the eyes of Bacchus and the other warriors from many races.

But in the eyes of the Monkey Masters, they were merely a group of slave


It had always been the Monkey Masters' sworn duty to awaken the Monkey Spirit King.

Manuel was the one that the Monkey Spirit King trusted the most and his long-cherished wish was to wake up the Monkey Spirit King himself.

As Manuel remained silent, the Eye Spirit continued. "Great Ape King, it's our common goal to awaken the Monkey Spirit King. As long as he wakes up, everything will work out fine, wouldn't it?"

Manuel nodded. "Yes. You are correct."

This meant that Manuel had accepted the Eye Spirit's two conditions.

"So the lives of these people are at our disposal now?" Claire said, sneering menacingly.

The humans in the Ghost Mountain right now were facing imminent doom. Even if they had four Great Ghost Priests on their side, they stood no chance.

Before Manuel could answer, the Primeval Lord of Heaven piped up. "Master Manuel, the necklace of wolf teeth may not necessarily be the Ghost Master's obsession. Perhaps you should decide on this after the Ghost Master awakens."

Manuel paused to think it over.

"That's right. Please wake up the Ghost Master first. Then you could do whatever you like with these humans," he told the Eye Spirit.

Perhaps he could still use the Primeval Lord of Heaven, after all.

If the Thirteen Teeth Necklace failed to work, at least the Primeval Lord of Heaven would still be there to help figure things out.

If Manuel sent him to his death now, there was no undoing that.

"Great Ape King..."

Before Claire could argue, the Eye Spirit broke in, "That's fine with us. Very well, then. Let's do as you suggest."

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