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   Chapter 4080 Disadvantage

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When Zen and the rest looked up, their eyes fell on the four human Great Ghost Priests.

At this very moment, the Snake Goddess, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, and Fuxi were far more nervous than the others.

While they had only seen the energy souls of their real selves in the past, at this moment, they had the chance to actually see their real selves in full.

Had their real selves already merged with the hatred-level Treacherous Beings?

Had they become Great Ghost Priests?

Although they looked up with this anticipation, they were disappointed by what they saw.

They saw Emperor Charm and Chiyou, but the real Fuxi, the real Snake Goddess, and the real Eastern Emperor Taiyi were all absent.

Meanwhile, Zen had something different in mind.

Cupping his hands, he greeted with respect, "Good to see you, Primeval Lord of Heaven!"

The real Primeval Lord of Heaven merely nodded nonchalantly at Zen in return.

While Zen and the others sized up the Great Ghost Priests, the latter observed them closely as well.

Fuxi, the Snake Goddess, and Eastern Emperor Taiyi were all familiar faces to the Primeval Lord of Heaven — Zen was the only unfamiliar face.

Initially, he surmised that the group before him must have reached this point to enter the Night View Island under Fuxi and the Snake Goddess' leadership. He knew Fuxi had excellent talent and was a natural leader, while the Snake Goddess possessed extraordinary intelligence and could easily serve as a capable assistant.

But looking everyone up and down, the Primeval Lord of Heaven could sense something unknown yet unique from Zen in particular.

His body seemed to have a mixed aura of bloodlines.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven had spent countless years studying the bloodline powers, trying to merge them.

His sensitivity to the bloodlines of Eternal Realm warriors had surpassed anyone else's.

Recognizing the mixed aura of bloodlines in Zen's body, the Primeval Lord of Heaven quickly reached a conclusion. 'Perhaps this person fused with an origin-level bloodline?' he thought.

If such was the case…

Then this person's bloodline would be just enough to serve as one of the wolf teeth.

"Are you Zen?" asked the Primeval Lord of Heaven.

Earlier, when Decker reported to Emperor Charm, he had mentioned a new name to them.

A total of five humans had arrived. Apart from Yasamin, the old lady with greying hair, and the three familiar faces who were replicas of their real selves, the young man must be Zen from the earlier report, the Primeval Lord of Heaven figured.

"Yes, I am," Zen nodded.

"Okay, come up to me now."

He had been living in the Ghost Mountain for many years. While he wasn't as superior as the monkeys, they still needed his help, and had to show utmost respect for h

ey Masters manage to gather all the wolf teeth, I think the humans can finally stop their absurd attempts. They've tried for so long but to no avail. What a joke!"


As they taunted the humans, the six of them burst into laughter.

Normally, they'd never have even dared to treat humans as such. But now, things were different. The passageway that led outside had finally been repaired, and the wolf teeth brought by the Eye Spirit were likely to be genuine.

Even if the Eye Spirit's wolf teeth were fake, they'd be able to go and search for the lost objects themselves.

After all the time spent shamefully bowing before the humans, they could finally vent their discontent.

"If we wake the Ghost Master now, we'll take all humans' lives. Would you agree to that?" Claire demanded, pointing at both Zen's and the Primeval Lord of Heaven's groups.

"I believe that the Monkey Masters will agree to your small request," Washburn nodded with a smile.

When the humans heard their conversation, their expressions instantly darkened.

It was obvious that the Eye Spirit had been well prepared before he came to this place.

While the Primeval Lord of Heaven had already fused with a hatred-level Treacherous Being, he still didn't dare underestimate the Eye Spirit.

Still, never did he expect the Eye Spirit to bring the wolf teeth to the Ghost Mountain.

He was well aware that the situation was just as Washburn had said.

The Monkey Masters bestowed a special status upon the humans in the hopes that the Primeval Lord of Heaven would manage to wake the Ghost Master, otherwise known as the Monkey Spirit King.

But if the Eye Spirit awakened the Monkey Spirit King with the wolf teeth, the humans would undoubtedly become dispensable to the Monkey Masters.

In such a case, the humans' value to them would shrink to nothing.

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