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   Chapter 4079 The Human Great Ghost Priest

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Upon hearing Decker's words, the human Great Ghost Priest abruptly stopped in his tracks.

He was a bit confused.

Some humans were looking for them on the Ghost Altar?

Aside from him and his companions, there were no other human beings on the Night View Island. How could any appear on the Ghost Altar?

On the other hand, Bainbridge did not expect that Decker would be so bold.

"Shut up!"

He suddenly gathered his strength and squeezed Decker's neck. Decker choked and flushed a deep red, unable to say a word.

"Wait a minute, Bainbridge." The human Great Ghost Priest followed up out of curiosity.

In turn, Bainbridge's face darkened when he saw the human Great Ghost Priest chase after him, and he quickened his pace.

When the human Great Ghost Priest saw Bainbridge's reaction, his suspicion deepened.

He took a step forward.

Then, his figure suddenly froze in place.

Another copy of his figure appeared right in front of Bainbridge, and his first figure that he left behind slowly disappeared.

"Bainbridge, why are you in such a hurry?" the human Great Ghost Priest asked.

"It's none of your business!" Bainbridge hissed. Meanwhile, Decker kept struggling out of his grip.

"Mmmmph... uhh..."

He desperately tried to make a sound.

However, Bainbridge's hand tightly gripped his neck like an iron clamp. Therefore, he could not speak at all.

"But I heard him say that there are human beings on the Ghost Altar," said the human Great Ghost Priest.

"You misheard him," Bainbridge answered gruffly.

"It does not matter if I misheard him or not. I want to hear him say those words again," the human Great Ghost Priest said seriously.

Bainbridge's nostrils flared in anger. "Are you making things difficult for me?"

"Yes, so what?" the Great Ghost Priest retorted.

When Bainbridge heard those words, he became even more furious.

Thanks to the Primeval Lord of Heaven, the human beings enjoyed a high status in the Ghost Mountain and received excellent treatment.

The main point was that these humans were still quite powerful. Since Bainbridge couldn't defeat them, he had to let go of Decker now.

He hesitated for a moment with a long face, as if he had thought of something. Then, he threw Decker on the ground and said, "Let's see how long you can act arrogantly!"

The reason these humans had an extraordinary status in the Ghost Mountain was because the Monkey Spirit Sect pinned their hopes of awakening on them.

But the Elemen

Suddenly, a wisp of cyan smoke rose from one of the porcelain bottles, and a needle-like flame drilled out of the bottle's mouth. Then, the porcelain bottle broke into pieces.


He almost thought that he had misheard Emperor Charm.

In return, Emperor Charm quickly repeated his words.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven was considerably shocked. After a few seconds, he said, "Ask Zhurong and Chiyou to go with us!"

The four human warriors who served as Great Ghost Priests were Zhurong, Emperor Charm, the Primeval Lord of Heaven, and Chiyou.

At that point, it was like a thick cloud of misery floated in the air.

The Eye Spirit seemed to be asleep and stayed still.

As for Claire, she glanced wickedly at Zen and said, "I'm not happy to let you live a little longer."

"Even if you are unhappy, you have to endure it," Fuxi shot back coldly.

After all, they were now in a pretty bad situation, so he and the others naturally felt anxious.

A cold smile graced Claire's face. Then she suddenly looked up at the Great Ghost Priests and asked, "May I kill a few people first?"

"Go ahead." A Great Ghost Priest waved his hand.

These people's lives had nothing to do with the Great Ghost Priests. They only stayed to guard the Eye Spirit and his group.


With a cruel grin, Claire gently waved her hand, and the little white dragon that was inside her body came out again.

A layer of flame scales coated its body as flames rose from its skin. Then, it moved towards Zen.

At that moment, a voice came from the space channel.


Finally, the four human Great Ghost Priests came out of the transmission channel.

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