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   Chapter 4073 Out Of Contact

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"It seems this giant elephant's obsession was triggered by humans,"

Bacchus remarked as he stared at the giant elephant in the cell.

The erstwhile gentle giant had transformed completely into a killing machine, raging at the prison bars wildly.

Fortunately, the prison was made of a special material. The thick bars remained steadfast even after relentlessly being struck by the massive creature.

"By us? What do you mean?" the Snake Goddess asked.

"It's possible that humans killed the giant elephant, but it had forgotten this, so it wasn't beset with hatred just a while ago. It appears it has been awakened upon seeing you, turning it into a killing type instantly," said Bacchus.

"Humans killed it?" The Snake Goddess thought for a moment and then shook her head. "The Ghost Mountain must have come into being much earlier than the human race, unless..."

The Snake Goddess tilted her head to look at Campbell.

There were almost no differences between a human being and a human spirit. It was likely that the giant elephant's obsession was triggered by human spirits.

"Now I'm wondering if all the resentment-level Treacherous Beings are like this," Fuxi said worriedly.

He had come to the Ghost Mountain because he had wanted to fuse with a powerful Treacherous Being.

But if all the Treacherous Beings wanted to kill humans, then that would be impossible.

This obviously also weighed heavily on everyone's mind. "We can test it. I'm not a human. Let me try touching them," Pearson offered.

"Good idea," Zen said with a nod.

But the Snake Goddess suddenly whipped around. "It's not the right time, though."

Zen followed her gaze and saw about six small eyeballs floating up to the entrance of the second floor. As soon as they spotted Zen and the others, they started speeding toward them.

"Right. Hold that thought," Zen said.

"Run!" Thurston shouted.

No one needed to be told twice. The group began to run.

The second floor of the Ghost Mountain was quite spacious.

The first floor was at the bottom of the Ghost Mountain, and it was larger than the second floor. More than a hundred thousand kinds of Treacherous Beings were imprisoned on the first floor, and there were over a hundred of each

queak! It's a good thing the spiritual sense can't be used here, then."

Danger averted, the group continued walking through the second floor of the Ghost Mountain.

Meanwhile, on the first floor, the Eye Spirit was left suffering because of the ring-shaped pattern of the ten wolf teeth.

This endeavor was causing him intense pain.

The problem was that he had released over a hundred eyeballs.

But when he tried to communicate with them, he found that all of them were out of contact.

Over a hundred patterns of wolf teeth surfaced continuously, and the Eye Spirit endured over a hundred times of pain.

This was causing their side much delay.

"Can't you communicate with the eyeballs?" Claire asked.

Pain flashed in the Eye Spirit's eyes. "No, I can't. And the Ten Teeth Necklace is really punishing me."

Claire didn't say anything.

She knew that the Ten Teeth Necklace was the Monkey Spirit King's obsession, and the Eye Spirit was unable to put up any resistance.

"There is only one path through the Ghost Mountain. Let's just go straight to the Ghost Altar at the deepest part on the second floor. We will definitely be able to find them there," Tate suggested.

He knew that Bacchus would be with Zen and the others. With the Element Spirit Civilization now on his side, however, he might be able to kill them all this time.

"Right. They're probably heading to the Ghost Altar," Murdock echoed.

"Go ahead. Lead the way," the Eye Spirit hissed amid the pain.

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