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   Chapter 4072 Deduction

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King Ieuan, Eastern Emperor Taiyi and the others remained on the alert. They thought even the weaker Treacherous Beings couldn't be taken lightly.

The Glede Demons, however, were used to them.

Even Campbell, an awakened Treacherous Being, couldn't resist the temptation of the Arcana. How much more these unintelligent, friendly ones?

More and more Treacherous Beings of grotesque shapes gathered around the group, almost completely blocking their way.

"Drive them away," Bacchus ordered.

The Glede Demons swung their blades and cut through the Treacherous Beings easily. The weaker ones were sliced into pieces. The friendly-type ones dodged and scampered in various directions.

Although they couldn't die, the creatures still instinctively evaded danger.

After clearing the way, the group continued onward.

The Ghost Mountain was already massive from the outside, almost as large as half of the Night View Island. Its inner space was even more spacious.

Up ahead, a row of square prison cells came into view. Beside the cells were stone tablets engraved with figures of different creatures.

"What are those creatures?" the Snake Goddess asked.

"They are also Treacherous Beings," Bacchus explained. "But unlike those outside, the Treacherous Beings here can be fused. You can enter the cells after imprinting the glazed sheets on the stone tablets."

Decker at the end of the line piped up, "The thorny Treacherous Beings our Wooden Leaf race have fused with are over there."

He pointed to a cell not far away. There was a pattern of Treacherous Being with poisonous spines on the stone tablet beside the cell.

"Only the weakest hostility-level Treacherous Beings are kept here," a Glede Demon pointed out disdainfully.

Of course the Wooden Leaf race would choose such low-level Treacherous Beings. The Glede Demons scoffed at such weaklings.

The gap in strength between the Treacherous Beings they preferred were quite large. Some top hostility-level Treacherous Beings were as strong as the resentment-level ones.

Among these were the Wolf Owls that the Glede Demons fused with. They were the strongest among the hostility-level Treacherous Beings.

"Now we go to the far right," Bacchus pointed out.

Everyone followed behind Bacchus and entered the rightmost passage

fused with.

At the end of the row of cells, there was a stairway paved with black stones.

The steps were several thousand feet high, leading up to the second floor of the Ghost Mountain.

When they reached the second floor, more prison cells came into view.

However, these cells were larger.

The prison bars were quite thick, and through them, they could see the huge resentment-level Treacherous Beings.

There was a giant elephant in the nearest cell.

Its attention was drawn by the arrival of Zen and his group.

Its long trunk stretched out from the space between the bars and slowly swept toward them. It looked friendly and kind.

Friendly-type Treacherous Beings were not known to be aggressive, so Fuxi reached out his hand to touch the elephant's trunk.

But just as he did, the elephant suddenly emitted a disgusting aura!

The auras released by friendly-type Treacherous Beings were not strong, and could even be negligible. But the killing-type and attaching-type Treacherous Beings emanated extremely disgusting auras.

Fuxi reacted quickly. As soon as he felt the aura, he immediately jumped tens of feet back. Zen and the others likewise quickly distanced themselves from the cell where the giant elephant was imprisoned.

The elephant continued to try to reach Fuxi with its trunk.

But it was a moment too late. It failed to grab him.


The enraged elephant roared in its cell.

"Didn't you say the Treacherous Beings in the Ghost Mountain were all friendly-type?" Pearson asked gravely.

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