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   Chapter 4071 Break Free

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A hexagonal pattern appeared in the eyeball.

The power transmitted from the eyeball became stronger and stronger as circles of golden light bloomed within the pattern.

Decker's face turned red after being pressed this way, his body creaking dangerously. Sawyer and Thurston were in similar situations. If his strength continued to increase, it would crush their bodies.

Zen could bear a power ten times stronger than what Sawyer, Thurston, and Decker could bear.

His physical body had been strengthened greatly, and it had far exceeded that of most creatures in the Three Purities Stage.

He didn't move even under the pressure of such a powerful force.

"Master Eye Spirit, I'm going to kill him!"

Gavyn said, seeing that the Eye Spirit had already controlled Zen.

But the moment the six wings of the Holy Wings Armor were unfurled, Zen, who was at the foot of the Ghost Mountain, suddenly shook his body and stretched his hands to his sides.

The steel cage that the Eye Spirit had made shattered.


The hexagonal pattern in the Eye Spirit's eyeball also dissipated.

Zen then turned to the people around him and ordered, "You go in first".

Sawyer, Thurston, and Decker broke free from the huge pressure, panting, their faces red.

At Zen's words, Sawyer was the first to put the glazed sheet on the stone door. The door spun quickly and pushed him into the Ghost Mountain.

Thurston and Decker followed close behind.

Zen glared at the Eye Spirit, and then put the glazed sheet on the stone door. And as the door revolved, he disappeared from before the door.

"He runs so fast!" Claire said, smiling.

"There is no other way out in the Ghost Mountain. He can't escape," the Eye Spirit said calmly. "Moreover, the power of my eyeball that I just used has reached its limit."

"You can force him to stay using your..." Gavyn cut in.

The Eye Spirit cast a cold glance at Gavyn and said, "I don't need your advice on what kind of theurgy I use!"

Gavin immediately shut up, noticing the displeasure in the Eye Spirit.

"Red Demons, lead the way!" the Eye Spirit ordered again.

How dare Tate disobey him!

He then led the members of his race to walk down the mountain and they finally arrived in front of the monkey statues.

"Master Eye Spirit, I'll help you exchange for the thing you need to ent

, Zen and his group were very powerful. Even without the Holy Stones, their combat strength was still terrifying.

"He is powerful enough to dominate the entire Three Purities Stage," said Zen.

This answer silenced Bacchus. All these people from the outside were supernormal!

"Let's look for the human beings in the Ghost Mountain," Zen said. "This is probably the only way."

Their journey to the Ghost Mountain had two goals.

On the one hand, they intended to fuse with the Treacherous Beings as Treacherous Beings could greatly increase their strength. On the other hand, they planned to search for the Primeval Lord of Heaven and the other human beings.

Time was pressing in on them now that the Eye Spirit was hot on their heels. Merging with the Treacherous Beings might have to be postponed.

"I'll take you there!"

Bacchus said, turned around, and walked to the front, leading the way for the Glede Demons, Zen and his companions.

The area before them began to close up after they had passed through this open space.

The surroundings were pitch black but everyone could still clearly see that there were many Treacherous Beings floating on both sides of the road.

These Treacherous Beings varied in shapes, but were very small.

The biggest Treacherous Being was only half as tall as a person, and the smallest was the size of a palm.

The aura they emitted was neither strong nor aggressive. All of them were of the friendly type.

As Zen and the others passed by, they sensed the existence of the Arcana and surrounded them.

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