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   Chapter 4068 The Water Drop Cave

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Sitting cross-legged underneath the enormous golden bell, Rocher slowly opened his eyes. Little by little, he began to take his surroundings in.

A huge plaza was built around the bell. It was obvious that this bell held great importance.

Dozens of people lined up on its right side. All of them were patiently waiting for their turn.

Some of the people standing in line were consummate True Gods. They were hoping to enter the Mysterious Yellow Tower by ringing the bell.

Others were warriors at the Other Shore Realm who wanted to reach higher floors in the Mysterious Yellow Tower.

For these talented individuals of the divine land, accidentally falling into the Ruin Graveyard was actually a great opportunity for them.

Long time ago, the numbers of the powerful clans above the Time Sea and the Holy Beings in the divine land were fixed. No matter what, they remained unchangeable.

Unless they eliminated other powerful clans above the Time Sea, they would only remain as consummate True Gods their entire lives.

Ever since the Luo Clan took control of the divine land, their chances became even slimmer than before.

Fortunately, there were Truths of Godly Ways for them to cultivate as well as places to assist them in their cultivation in the Ruin Graveyard. Therefore, they would have a good chance of reaching the Other Shore Realm.

According to the rules, all of the Other Shore Tokens obtained in the Mysterious Yellow Tower should be shown to everyone present.

As soon as everyone saw Rocher regain consciousness, their eyes were instantly filled with anticipation and excitement. They couldn't wait to see what Other Shore Token he got. He promptly stood up and stepped aside.

"Hey Rocher! What did you get? Was it a good one?" the young man standing beside him asked. He couldn't quite contain his curiosity anymore.

This man was none other than Hallet.

Hallet was able to obtain an Other Shore Token from the fifteenth floor. Even though he was not as outstanding as Rocher, he was still considered as one of the best.

"Did you manage to get the Whirlwind Wings?" another young man piped as he looked at Rocher over Hallet's shoulder.

His name was Augustus. He had a much better luck and talent compared to Hallet's. He was able to acquire an Other Shore Token from the nineteenth floor. Among all of the Other Shore Realm warriors in the divine land, he could easily be ranked as one of the top three.

Rocher took out the Other Shore Token he got. "It's the Monta Stone," he announced.

When everyone saw the gray stone, the whole place was immediately filled with commotion.

This stone was actually one of the best Other Shore Tokens that could be obtained from the thirty-first floor. However, Rocher did not find it suitable. He was hoping to get a different one.

"But why the Monta Stone?" Hallet asked with unabated curiosity.

Even if he didn't manage to get the Whirlwind Wings or the Sacred Battle Sword, he should not have chosen the Monta Stone. It didn't suit him at all.

It seemed that Rocher was also puzzled by this. "When I got there, I wanted to take the Whirlwind Wings. However, they disappeare

ured onto them, their bodies began to expand in just a short period of time.

The Ruin Graveyard did not have the Chaotic Source World or Land of Bone Tribulation. Hence, they couldn't find a solution to the problem regarding cultivation of physical strength. This became a problem for Bromley after he reached the Other Shore Realm. It became harder for him to improve his cultivation. His physical body was unable to match the corresponding Other Shore Token. Eventually, it became a burden to him.

The change in the Water Drop Cave caused a commotion in the entire Ruin Graveyard. Everyone wanted to try cultivating there.

During that time, fights even broke out in the Ruin Graveyard. People began challenging each other to determine who would be allowed to occupy positions in the Water Drop Cave.

On behalf of the human race, Bromley had reserved a considerable number of seats for the people of the divine land.

In just a short period of time, both the human and non-human races in the divine land were able to produce a group of strong warriors. Soon enough, they reached the Other Shore Realm. All of them owed it to the change in the Water Drop Cave.

However, the Holy Beings of the divine land were unable to make much progress.

Even though they also cultivated in the Water Drop Cave, their improvement was quite slow. They were quite baffled by it because they were highly talented individuals.

It was absolutely unusual that no matter how hard they tried, their cultivation speed was utterly slower than those of the consummate True Gods.

Aside from Bromley, the Holy Emperor of the Leng Clan, Jeremiah, and Joy, the Demi-holy Being of the Han Clan, were the fastest ones to improve their cultivation. In a short span of time, they had already managed to reach the fourteenth floor of the Mysterious Yellow Tower.

Meanwhile, Mike, Zeke, Clark, Holy Jay, and other Holy Emperors had only reached the seventh or eighth floor.

If they were on the real Other Shore, they would not even be able to leave the Lust World. They had to spend more time working on their physical strength.

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