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   Chapter 4064 The Second Insurance

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In the north of the Jade Pure Realm, an enormous brown cubic rock stood on the ground.

This cubic rock was 99, 000 feet long, 99, 000 feet wide, and 99, 000 feet high.

On its surface, an exit opened for every thirty feet in the span of its entire height.

Its inside was hollow, giving way to many intricate caves and passages.

This place was called the Heavenly Square City, and it was one of the headquarters of the Four Spirits Sect.

In a room on the upper left part of the Heavenly Square City was a wounded man dressed in cotton clothes.

His hands and feet were tightly tied by four iron chains, pulling his limbs straight.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A white whip thrashed violently in the air and lashed hard at the man, landing on his already frail body.


As the white whip hit him, it emitted a beaming ray of silver-white light, which was the Light of Annihilation.

The man in cotton clothes was a Treacherous Being.

It was difficult for ordinary punishment methods to damage a Treacherous Being. However, if they were hit by the Light of Annihilation, they would feel pain as when ordinary mortals were stabbed by thorns.

This was the case for only the resentment-level and hatred-level Treacherous Beings.

Once the hostility-level Treacherous Beings came into contact with the Light of Annihilation, they would instantly turn into fine gray ashes.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The man's clothes were torn and stained with blood as he had suffered many beatings for several days.

The one who smacked the whip was a human woman. With each hit, she reprimanded the man solemnly, "Do you understand the gravity of your crime, Alphonse?"


"Do you understand the gravity of your crime, Alphonse?"


"Do you understand the gravity of your crime, Alphonse?!"

The man's name was Alphonse Shen. He was the chief of the Joy House, which was affiliated to the Human Spirit Sect.

The woman, on the other hand, was a subordinate of the Joy House.

Despite the stern expression on her face, she enjoyed no pleasure from the abuse. Her eyes revealed the pity she felt.

The Joy House was responsible for guarding the Treasure Bottle Platform to protect the Godly Way energy.

Things had been fine in the past chaotic eras. Unfortunately, the Godly Way energy was stolen by the Nihility race some days ago.

As the chief of the Joy House, Alphonse had to take responsibility for an unforgivable mistake.


The woman had whipped him day and night.

She feared that

chaos. But you don't seem to be worried at all, do you?" he asked.

"Well, once he merges the last Godly Way, the second insurance will be triggered. We only need to wait and see," Gianni said with complacency.

Gianni, Alphonse, and the woman looked closely at the mirror, quietly observing the scene.

Because the picture was too blurry, they could only recognize the distorted figures of black ships and the lake. The other details remained unknown to them.

A few hours later...

The black ship at the center shook violently on the water.

It was as if an earthquake had started from beneath the lake, creating huge waves.

After that, a sheet of white light had suddenly swallowed the black ship...

"That power is extraordinary,"

Gianni commented as he patted on Alphonse's shoulder. He handed him the mirror and left the room.

Holding the mirror in his hand, Alphonse watched until the white light dimmed gradually and disappeared.

The black ship had been wrecked with its pieces scattered on the surface of the lake. Dark blood started gushing out from its ruins.

The ship was a part of the captain's body. Once it had been damaged too seriously, it wouldn't recover quickly. It reflected that a large amount of blood had been shed from the captain.

"They suspect that I deliberately allowed the Grandmaster of Heaven to steal the Godly Way energy from us," concluded Alphonse.

The woman nodded and asked, "Did he send this mirror to you as a warning?"

"It's not a warning," said Alphonse. "It's just a token of his contempt. He wants to tell me that whatever I want to do would just turn out pointless!" He crushed the mirror into pieces in his hand.

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