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   Chapter 4063 Studying

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The Evil God had become the captain but he didn't care about the members of the Black Ship departing.

Finally, there were only two people left in the Black Ship.

One was the former captain of the Black Ship, and the other was Shera.

Shera opened the door of the cabin, her gaze falling on the Evil God, who was sitting at the stern. She walked over to him with a smile on her face.

She wrapped her pale, slender arms around the Evil God's neck. "I have brought you a gift from the Other Shore."

"Let me have a look," said the Evil God.

Shera began to take out the Other Shore Token, which was in the form of an exquisite pot.

This was a good Other Shore Token, but it wasn't suited to Shera.

"What's the use of this Other Shore Token?" the Evil God asked.

Nobody could figure out the functions of many Other Shore Tokens in a single glance. But those with a rich experience could tell the functions according to the aura.

A few Other Shore Tokens of the mysterious type had uniquely powerful abilities, while some Other Shore Tokens of the strengthening type emitted a formidable power.

"It is used to store things," Shera replied.

It was now the Evil God's turn to be surprised.

"Is it really just a pot?" the Evil God asked, his eyebrows raising.

"Yes," said Shera, smiling in amusement.

The pot was strictly a spatial Other Shore Token, but it wasn't considered to be powerful.

Shera had obtained and kept the pot just to help the Grandmaster of Heaven transmit what was within it. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for her to fuse with this Other Shore Token.

"What's in the pot?" the Evil God asked again.

Shera opened the mouth of the pot, and a pale yellow energy emerged from it.

The Evil God observed the pale yellow energy, his eyes widening with every second. "The Godly Way energy?" he exclaimed in disbelief.

He was sensitive to the Godly Way energy and could, in a matter of seconds, tell that this pale yellow energy was the Godly Way energy.

"Yes, it's the energy of the Godly Way that was isolated from the others by the Element Spirit Civilization. It doesn't have a name yet. You can give it one," Shera suggested.

"I'm not interested."

The Evil God's eyes were fixed on the Godly Way energy that was floating in the air. He took a deep breath, causing the Godly Way energy to enter his body through his nose. H

ke a judgment only after he observed this ball for a while.

He knew he must do that!

After he had extracted the Five Elements Godly Way, the 3, 000 Godly Ways were pushed into disorder, and a strong aura of energy began to spread out.

Seeing that the Ways-blending Energy was about to explode, the Evil God reached out a hand and began to extract the energy. The Godly Way energy turned into thin threads and wove together continuously. In the end, the Evil God had forcefully covered the aura of the energy.

The former captain watched the scene from the wall.

He couldn't help but sigh.

This kind of talent and method of controlling energy was terrifyingly powerful. The experienced captain was forced to look on in admiration.

Once the Evil God had stabilized the Ways-blending Energy, he put the Five Elements Godly Way back again.

From its appearance, there was no change in the Ways-blending Energy, but the overall structure had, in fact, undergone a tremendous change.

And now, there was a gap in the ball.

This gap was left for the energy of the last Godly Way.


The Evil God once again released the Godly Way energy and slowly inserted it into the gap.

The Godly Way energy and the Ways-blending Energy were now almost perfectly matched.

The Evil God had just begun to smile when the Ways-blending Energy suddenly turned into a snow-white ball.

The light ball covered the ship with the light in the blink of an eye and began to flash on the surface of the lake.

The ball's light was so brilliant that the whole world seemed dark as night before it.

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