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   Chapter 4062 The Mist City

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The white mist gradually spread throughout

the Mist City

on the main Pure Sky Platform, striking terror in the hearts of those who were there.

A few of the more powerful beings took away a small part of the white mist through their own methods.

More white mist turned into the streets, towers, walls, and grounds in this city.

From the outside, nothing looked out of the ordinary. However, the streets, towers, walls, and even the grounds would turn into monsters that would devour the creatures at any time.

On one of the broad streets within the city, a snow-white snake wriggled his body, slithering at an incredible speed.

From the other side of the street, three birds spread their wings and launched themselves into the air.


The snake sang wistfully.

The song sounded like a cry of grief, a call to his companions.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The snake's singing caught the attention of the three birds, who then swerved in the air to fly towards the little white snake.

Their beady eyes dilated in a craze as they ferociously pecked at the body of the white snake.

As they attacked him, they released more and more intense energy, until their bodies turned red.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three birds had worked themselves up into such a frenzy that they exploded violently, one after the other. The explosion caused a terrible shock wave that rippled across the city.

Everything in this city was made of white mist.

As the shock wave shook everything, the structures momentarily lost their forms and turned into white mist.

However, the hapless structures only lasted a while. After a few moments, they returned to their original shapes.

Meanwhile, the white snake's body was left in pieces by the explosion. As a Treacherous Being, he could have turned into various shapes, but the three birds released a considerable amount of Light of Annihilation when they exploded.

The Light of Annihilation was fatal to the hostility-level Treacherous Beings.

As for the resentment-level and hatred-level Treacherous Beings, their bodies would change dramatically if they were hit by the Light of Annihilation.

The resentment-level Treacherous Beings would permanently lose the ability to change into different forms. As a result, their bodies would also become very fragile, making them easy targets.

The white snake, with only half of his body left, could not return to his original shape. Coughing painfully, he leaned against a corner of the wall weakly.

In the Mist City, one's only hope to survive was by constantly walking.

The white snake could no longer move. He could only sit back and watch as the wall behind him softened

ers had retreated.

The other black eagles scratched their heads, confused as to why the Snake Masters had given up even though they were so close to victory. Sheepishly, they all turned to their leader, who stood perched in the center.

The leader's eyes still couldn't shake off the feeling of suspicion. Uneasy, he helplessly returned the gazes of his constituents. It was just too strange!

If the Snake Masters ended up taking the Mist City, the leader would've felt less unsettled.

But they had given up. This could only mean one thing: there was something more important to them than the Mist City.

The leader frowned deeply as he pondered over this. If the Snake Masters captured the Mist City, they could take back the Wine Basin. What could possibly be more important than that?

"I'm going to visit someone. I should be able to get an answer there."

After saying that, the leader flapped his wings and flew away.

Meanwhile, in the Source World, several black ships were floating in a clear lake in the Roaring Lake Province.

The water of the lake was so clear that it was almost mirror-like.

During the battle against the Pear Hill, the Black Ship suffered great losses, but not as heavy as those of the Bearing race and the Divine Farmer race.

Most of their crew survived.

But when the Evil God was appointed as the new captain, the crew was enraged.

Since then, they made all kinds of excuses to try to escape from the Black Ship.

According to the rules of the Black Ship, those who escaped would be regarded as traitors and would be chased down by the Black Ship.

But the former captain had never treated them like this. The former captain let them leave if they wanted to. Now, the Black Ship didn't carry any of the old traditions, just their name.

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