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   Chapter 4060 Snake Master

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Most of the time, the members of the Element Spirit race had no concept of individuality.

For the most part, they worked as a collective and were indistinct from each other.

However, when an element's life expanded to a certain extent, it inevitably formed a unique individual. Otherwise, their strength would become stagnant and stop growing.

In the past, the Eye Spirit had informed Claire that he was actually composed of countless members of the Element Spirit race and was infused with an independent consciousness.

The Eye Spirit had been created by those snakes on the Jade Pure Realm, while the subsequent members of the Element Spirit race had been formed directly or indirectly by the Eye Spirit.

Therefore, the Eye Spirit formed the foundation of the Element Spirit Civilization, while the snakes were the foundation of the Eye Spirit!

For a long time, even the Eye Spirit had been unaware of the existence of those snakes...

Under the leadership of the Eye Spirit, the Element Spirit Civilization had flourished. They continued to explore the upper stages, the Three Purities Stage, and the Abstruse Energy World.

They had earned the strongest Other Shore Tokens and even captured many creatures from beyond the Abstruse Energy World!

The strange world made up of light dots had proven difficult to understand, but the mystery about it made it all the more fascinating.

Unfortunately, the members of the Element Spirit race had natural inhibitions, so it was difficult for them to explore it to the furthest reaches.

Over the past one thousand chaotic eras or more, warriors rose—one after another—to challenge them, and they were each eliminated by the Element Spirit Civilization. Except for the strongest of their opponents, the human race who had been forced to escape into the Night View Island, almost all other civilizations had been defeated by them.

They had remained the absolute and dominating authority until the Nihility race had appeared.

Before the appearance of the Nihility race, the Treacherous Beings had also begun making inroads into the Jade Pure Realm, and an unprecedented chaotic battle had even erupted within the Jade Pure Realm.

In the Element Spirit race, none but the Eye Spirit had participated in the chaotic battle.

Later, he returned to the Jade Pure Realm, together with the white snake, but the snake commanded a force more powerful than anyone could have imagined.

Claire was confused when she heard the Eye Spirit's revelation.

How could such a powerful force have been hidden in the Jade Pure Realm for so many years without anyone noticing?

She later discovered that this powerful forc

instantly reflected on the surface of his pupils. Anyone who looked into his eyes could see the violent shock in his heart.

Claire glanced at the Eye Spirit and was also surprised.

Who was this Monkey Spirit King that the Snake Master was talking about…

How could he have shocked the Eye Spirit so severely?

The Snake Master had shared many secrets with the Eye Spirit, though he did not allow the Eye Spirit to share these. Even Claire, who was closest to him, remained uniformed concerning these secrets.

Of course, she didn't know what this Monkey Spirit King was...

"These wolf teeth are his obsession. Relinquish them to him, and then I will appear," the Snake Master said.

"Yes, sir!"

Without any hesitation, the Eye Spirit ordered Gavyn to remove the rune.


As the Eye Spirit's pupils slightly enlarged, the cubic space enveloping this area vanished.

The ground marked off by the cubic space fell into the big hole eroded by the mist hand.

The Holy Wings Armor, Claire, and Eye Spirit flew northeast, while the Snake Master remained behind.

Hiss! Hiss…

The Snake Master wriggled his white body and slithered to the entrance of the Amber Cave.

The light in his eyes flashed slightly, and two rays of orange light beamed into the white mist formed by the Void Dust.

The white mist could devour any substance and even energy, and by all logical sense, it should consume the orange rays of light.

However, the orange rays of light remained unaffected. Instead, they stirred the white mist, which then roiled and suddenly burst forth with a series of obscure and rhythmic songs. It was Sanskrit.

"You stupid birds proclaimed yourselves as destroyers. You are clueless to cause or effect, therefore, you will definitely lose!"

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