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   Chapter 4058 Allies

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At that moment, Tate and the Red Demons feared for their lives because of Zen's words.

On the other hand, the Glede Demons were overjoyed.

In just a short time, the Glede Demon race turned the tables against the Red Demon race and gained the upper hand.

Of course, Bacchus was very excited. "Of course! We are never on the same side with the Red Demon race!" he said in a trembling voice.

All the Glede Demons flapped their wings, and the air became filled with vibrations. They were ready to rush down from the sky at any time.

As of now, the Red Demons had to face the attacks from both groups.

Most importantly, those humans still held the Holy Stones in their hands.

They could not believe that they got reduced to a hopeless situation in a short time!

Tate's face darkened in anger.

When he saw that the human race and the Glede Demon race were about to fight, he suddenly waved his hand, and an exit appeared at the side of the birdcage. "Let's go!' he shouted.

The fire creatures had bestowed the birdcage to him, and he could control it at will.

The Red Demons had been afraid for a long while, and now that their leader initiated their escape, they would undoubtedly follow.

Under Tate's command, the Red Demons rushed out of the birdcage.

This time, he led over a hundred members of the Red Demon race out. When Dave and his team had attacked Zen's group, more than ten of them died. Now, more than eighty people were still alive.

Upon hearing those, Bacchus narrowed his eyes. "You want to leave? It won't be easy!"

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

Then, all the Glede Demons rushed towards the Red Demons below.

In turn, the Red Demons used the black turtles to protect themselves from the Glede Demons' attacks.

The black turtles were a powerful defense weapon. The Glede Demons' wings tried to slice them, but it was hard to break through such a defense in a short time.

At that point, Fuxi, the Snake Goddess, King Ieuan, and the others came from the other side and launched an attack.

However, they did not need to kill the Red Demons directly. What they did was to use the Light of Annihilation to remove the black turtles from Red Demons' bodies.

Streaks of the Light of Annihilation fired through the black turtles and dissipated them.

Without the black turtles' protection, the Red Demons were at a disadvantage. As soon as the Glede Demons swooped down again, their sharp wings hacked through the Red Demons' bodies like large sabers.

In a few seconds, the Glede Demons had killed more than twenty Red Demons!

The other Red Demons did not dare to keep fight

y reapplied the Ghost Powder and stayed still.

These white-haired monsters wandered around the Glede Demons and Zen's group, but because of the Ghost Powder's protection, they could not see the humans and Glede Demons. Finally, they walked towards the corpses of the Red Demons.

Those Red Demons just died, so their blood was still a bit fresh. Even their corpses emitted powerful life energy.

The white-haired monsters devoured them. After they finished, they left some Arcana behind and disappeared.

Because Bacchus and the others got delayed for a while, Tate and his group had already gone far. Now, Bacchus was no longer in a hurry.

Meanwhile, the Snake Goddess and her group wanted to stall for more time.

Therefore, they did not destroy the birdcage so quickly.

Pearson's hands turned into thin threads and pretended to coil them around the birdcage.

Fuxi also condensed marks of Eight Diagrams in different sizes on the birdcage.

After they pretended to be busy for some time, Sawyer and Thurston finally operated the Black Sun.

The Black Sun's strong gravitational force sucked a part of the birdcage into it. The originally square birdcage looked a little distorted, but it still maintained its entire shape.

Then, Sawyer and Thurston separated their hands, and the Black Sun disappeared.


It destroyed the balance of space force inside the birdcage with a muffled sound, and then the space birdcage collapsed.

The Glede Demons were surprised when they saw the broken birdcage.

These extremely arrogant Glede Demons had never allied with anyone on the Night View Island.

They had always been quite strong and did not need help from the other races, but now they needed help from these humans.

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