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   Chapter 4056 Mess Up

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Naturally, Bacchus regarded the sudden appearance of these people as good news. This could probably change the course of things.

Now that the Glede Demon race had been backed into a corner, he hoped against all hope that someone would arrive to make a difference.

Meanwhile, Tate was not thoroughly pleased by this recent turn of event. This could ruin everything.

He was shrinking the birdcage when all of a sudden, some humans appeared inside it. Why now?

Where did these people even come from? He was utterly baffled.

Was it possible that they were from somewhere outside the Night View Island? But where?

Even though the Night View Island was an isolated place, the creatures in it still had a certain knowledge of the outside world.

If one stood upon the mountains surrounding the Night View Island, they could easily see other Pure Sky Platforms. However, no one would be able to fly there.

It was also known that there was a cave in the center of the lake. A long passageway was connected to it. Nevertheless, the passageway had long been broken. No one would be able to pass through it.

Two days ago, Tate took his clansmen with him to search for Arcana from every house they encountered.

Under normal circumstances, the Red Demon race wouldn't raid other races. For one thing, the Night View Island housed too many races. If they took it too far, they would be the first one to suffer.

However, the Ghost Mountain needed a new Great Ghost Priest. This might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Obviously, Tate would never let this amazing opportunity just pass him by. He was determined to seize it while it stood.

The small races were also well-aware about the changes in the Ghost Mountain. Once every couple of years, the Red Demon race would come and the small races would obediently hand their Arcana over to them.

They needed not surrender all of the Arcana they had. Nevertheless, they still had to give away most of them.

While Tate was searching for the Arcana, he suddenly saw a few flames emerging from the center of the lake.

The flames were moving closer to the lake shore at a very fast rate. They were heading straight towards Tate.

All of a sudden, he realized that he was in grave danger. He immediately released his Treacherous Being. It took the form of a huge tortoise. It possessed the highest defensive power among all of the resentment-level Treacherous Beings.

As the flames continued to surge towards his direction, a flash of white light shot out from the center of it.

Tate didn't take the flash of light seriously at first. He was quite confident it wouldn't be able to reach him.

He thought it was impossible for such an energy fluctuation to break through his strong defense. Tate had complete faith in his Treacherous Being.

However, the supposedly indestructible tortoise suddenly appeared weakened soon after the white light hit its body. It even looked like it was suffering from an extremely horrific torture. It began thrashing around in agony.

How could this be? This tortoise was a resentment-level Treacherous Being!

Tate was utterly bewildered. He couldn't believe his own eyes.

The other members of the Red Demon race were also dumbfounded.

They were well-aware of how powerful the tortoise was. How coul

ey were terrified and retreated quickly.

Seeing that they were severely disadvantaged, Tate thought about escaping as well. However, it didn't seem like he would be able to do so.

The three fire spirits turned into roaring flames and effectively surrounded Tate and his clansmen.

"Answer all my questions, or no one will ever see you alive again!" Sanderson began intimidating them for information.

Tate was absolutely terrified. As they were leaning at each other's backs, he felt his companions quivering with fear.

He actually felt like his race would be exterminated today. They would be killed on the spot if he didn't cooperate.

With all honesty, he told Sanderson what had happened on the Night View Island. He even explained everything in detail.

He couldn't stop thinking how this might be their ends.

But after he finished speaking, he was surprised the three fire spirits didn't attack them. It seemed like they had no intention of killing them now. He was even more astounded when they threw more than ten Holy Stones in front of him. They even taught him how to use the Light of Annihilation.

"In three days' time, I expect you to collect all of the Arcana available on the Night View Island," Sanderson ordered Tate.

Before, this would have been an impossible task to accomplish.

But with the help of the Holy Stones, nothing was impossible.

If they used the Light of Annihilation like they were taught, the creatures on the Night View Island would be no match for the Red Demon race at all.

The first ones Tate robbed of Arcana were the creatures on the territory of the Red Demon race. This was the best place he could start.

After he took every single Arcanum from these creatures, he proceeded to rob those within the territory of the Glede Demon race.

Now, Tate's greatest goal was to annihilate the Glede Demon race as well as the Grand Mighty race using the power of the Holy Stones.

Naturally, Bacchus couldn't just stand and watch as Tate raided the areas on the border of the Glede Demon race. He brought his people with him to slaughter the creatures from the Red Demon race's territory. The battle between the two races commenced tonight.

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