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   Chapter 4055 Exposure

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Bacchus was after all not an ordinary Glede Demon.

Therefore, he quickly reacted in just the blink of an eye.

However, Tate had caught the soft Wolf Owl King, so Bacchus, who was wrapped by the Wolf Owl King's body, naturally got dragged along as well.

Now, all Tate had to do was to cut open the Wolf Owl King and crush Bacchus into pieces.

He was sure that he would kill Bacchus, who had always defeated him, this time, and it would be glorious!

Unfortunately for him, Bacchus' reaction was faster.

Bacchus did his best not to panic in such a critical moment, but he made a wise decision to take back the Treacherous Being.

That Treacherous Being had a particularly unique form.

When it was soft, it was as soft as feathers or even water.

But when it was sturdy, it became similar to the most powerful Other Shore Token.

When Bacchus thought of it, the Wolf Owl King turned into pieces of white gauze and shrank back into his body.

Of course, Tate wanted to snatch it, but he could not. He could only stand and watch the white gauze slip away.

"You want to run away?"

he shouted as he headed straight for Bacchus.

In turn, Bacchus' wings unfurled, and he quickly rose into the sky.

He sighed in relief, but it was short-lived. Right after he temporarily got away, something suddenly appeared in front of him. "What is that white light?" he said in shock.

Still, no matter how powerful that thing was, he was not afraid.

After all, he could defeat everything with the help of the Wolf Owl King.

The Wolf Owl King was his most powerful magical weapon, and also his closest comrade in arms.

After countless battles, he and the Wolf Owl King became one.

Just now, the Wolf Owl King felt a sharp stab of pain, and Bacchus felt sorry for it.

The white light of the Red Demons was so terrifying that it could directly injure Treacherous Beings.

How did such a thing appear in the Night View Island?

For so many years, the members of the Night View Island depended on the Treacherous Beings to fight their enemies.

They were indeed powerful, but so were the many races.

Currently, the white light in the hands of the Red Demons made the resentment-level Treacherous Being lose its strength and hostility-level Treacherous Beings collapse. It was terrifying to even think about it.

It was like when a group of people fought using sticks, and suddenly, one of them got a knife. Of course, it was an unfair advantage.

What made things worse was that every member of the Red Demon race possesse

as strong, but it was a secret weapon. One could use its maximum power only during surprise attacks.

In actuality, Tate wanted to eradicate both the Glede Demon race and the Grand Mighty race.

"Come out!"

He took out a bone spear from behind and threw it towards that space, which kept changing color.


The bone spear flew towards the target at once.

Just as it was about to hit the target, a hand stretched out from the space and firmly caught the bone spear.

Naturally, Tate was surprised.

The Red Demons were also stunned.

There were very few creatures on the Night View Island that could catch the bone spear Tate had thrown.

Also, all of those who could catch it relied on Treacherous Beings to do it for them.

Zen who caught the bone spear lifted the Magic Camouflage Skin and smiled. "I just wanted to watch..." he said.

When the Red Demons and the Glede Demons saw him and the other human beings, they were stunned again.

Tate and Bacchus were the most surprised.

How could they not, when they knew more about the Ghost Mountain than Decker did?

Decker had only seen Zhurong, and that was because only Zhurong had occasionally appeared over the years.

In the depths of the Ghost Mountain, however, there were still dozens of human beings!

Moreover, the Ghost Mountain had recognized three humans as the Great Ghost Priests of the mountain.

Both Bacchus and Tate dreamed of becoming the Great Ghost Priests, and that was why Bacchus collected the Arcana like mad.

The truth behind it was if he became the Great Ghost Priest, he could fuse with a hatred-level Treacherous Being, and become an invincible entity on the Night View Island.

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