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   Chapter 4053 The Birdcage

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Zen and the others were covered by the Magic Camouflage Skin. This perfectly prevented them from being discovered by the Glede Demon race.

Senses couldn't be used on the Night View Island, so as long as they held their breath, no one could notice them.

Even if someone walked past them, they wouldn't find anything.

"He found us. We're so screwed!"

Decker's face quickly turned pale as his entire body trembled.

"Calm down!" Pearson tried to pacify Decker.

Zen and the others looked down from the mountain silently and remained motionless as they waited for situation to develop.

A few moments later, another group of creatures emerged from the other side of the mountain.

They had red skin and were covered with bright red fur. They carried big sticks on their hands and their ape-like faces looked ferocious.

"They're from the Red Demon race!"

"Then, it means Bacchus hasn't found us yet."

"Oh, thank goodness! I thought it was going to be our end…"

Decker breathed a sigh of relief as if he had barely escaped the jaws of death.

Even the others were obviously relieved.

They were also nervous but not panicking in an exaggerated way like Decker. At their current distance from the Glede Demon race and the Red Demon race, the possibility of blowing their disguise was very low.

"Ha-ha! Bacchus, you've become dull!

As far as I remember, it was one thousand and five hundred feet the last time. Now, I am able to enter the range of one thousand feet. Beware! Next time, if I make it within a range of five hundred feet, you're dead!" The red-haired creature taking the lead laughed wildly.

It was Tate, the leader of the Red Demon race.

For the past generations, these two big races of the Night View Island had been in a constant dispute.

Whenever there was an opportunity, the Red Demon race and the Glede Demon race would clash with each other.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

"Scrap that!" Tate hit his head with a big stick. "I've changed my mind. There's not going to be a next time. Hand over all the Arcana, or you'll die!"

Bacchus was still standing at the top of the tree, holding the cloth bag in his hand which was filled with Arcana. His brows rose slightly as he listened to Tate's threats.

Without a doubt, the Red Demon race was extremely powerful.

In the entire Night View Island, they were considered as one of the three most powerful races.

However, the Glede Demon race was known to be stronger than them.

Among the thousand races that inhabited the Night View Island, only three of them were ranked in the first tier. These were the Red Demon race, the Glede Demon race, and the Grand Mighty race.

All of the other races bowed down and feared these three superior races.

In fact, the other races even brought offerings to them just to be on their good side.

However, they still needed to observe their limitations.

If they went too far, the other races might start forming an alliance. If that happened, they might not actually lose, but several lives would be needlessly wasted.

Moreover, it had b


There was still no dent or whatsoever on its surface.

Buzz! Buzz!

"I'm just getting started," Bacchus said as he wore a serious expression on his face.

Immediately after, milky white lights appeared on Bacchus's head and wings.

Then, a pair of bigger white wings appeared and enveloped his original wings.

He had merged with a powerful Treacherous Being.

With this, he possessed stronger power and theurgies.

Once Bacchus started focusing on a certain thing, he wouldn't stop until he succeeded.

This time, his only goal was to break the giant birdcage.


He rushed and attacked the birdcage again using his white blade-like wings.

"Take this!

Vertical slash!"


The strikes made on the birdcage produced an explosive sound. The birdcage shook and so did the mountain entrapped by it.

However, even after Bacchus's vicious attacks, the birdcage was still intact.

He had to admit that the treasure was truly fascinating.

Bacchus chose not to waste his energy and turned to Tate.

"Is this even something from the Night View Island?" Bacchus asked, pointing to the unbreakable birdcage.

Sensing Bacchus's frustration, Tate grinned complacently. "You don't need to know about that. But I'll let you in on a secret… All of the Glede Demons, including you, will die today!"

"Really? Please. Don't make me laugh." Bacchus let out a deep sigh and instantly calmed down. His arrogant eyes returned and stared down at Tate. "Just because you've trapped us inside this birdcage, you think that you've already won? Why are you so stupid?"

Everyone knew that in a head-on battle, there was no way that the Glede Demon race would be inferior to the Red Demon race.

Bacchus just tried to escape because he didn't want a needless duel with the Red Demons at this moment.

Otherwise, the other superior race, the Grand Mighty race, would just benefit from their losses.

However, being trapped in the birdcage, Bacchus had no other choice but to remind the Red Demons whom they were facing.

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