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   Chapter 4048 The Thorny Treacherous Being

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"Half Treacherous Being?"

Everyone wore strange expressions of mingled shock, calculation, and curiosity.

The literal meaning of the sentence was not difficult to understand.

But the question was, which side would dominate? Would the body be ruled by the mind of the human, or the mind of the Treacherous Being?

When Campbell had possessed Zen's body, Zen had been unable to resist his will at all. Campbell completely dominated the human body. Thus, everyone was inclined to think that becoming half human and half Treacherous Being was the equivalent of suicide.

"If one merges with a Treacherous Being, aren't they afraid that the Treacherous Being will suppress their consciousness and rule over them?" the Snake Goddess asked, voicing everyone's main concern.

"Yes, that's possible," Decker admitted. He explained, "When some Treacherous Beings of the friendly type wake up, some will snatch their hosts' bodies, and others won't. However, the Treacherous Beings' power is very strong. It's worth taking a risk."

Decker's words made some sense.

Indeed, there were creatures who wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice their very lives in order to obtain greater strength and power.

The Snake Goddess nodded. She asked, "You mention a 'friendly type' of Treacherous Beings. Could you explain what you mean by that?"

"They are kindhearted Treacherous Beings, harmless to others," Decker replied. "These good Treacherous Beings are willing to help others, and this is their will. For example, the Treacherous Beings in the form of sloths in the forest are among the friendly-type ones."

The sloths were tireless in applying the Ghost Powder on the surface of the trees, to prevent the trees from being devoured by the white-haired monsters.

Moreover, after they saw Zen and the others in his group, they had also brought out the Ghost Powder to remind them to apply it.

But Zen and his companions were still wary of the sloths, and found it difficult to trust them completely.

Pearson's eyes were blank. His face was expressionless as he lifted one hand, gently holding up the length of silver thread. The other end of the thread was tightly wrapped around the necks of Decker and Graham.

Pearson wanted to kill one of them, so that the remaining one wouldn't dare to lie to them.

Decker was smart enough to see what Pearson intended, so he didn't dare to hide anything from them. He told them everything he knew, but Pearson clearly still had doubts. "The white-haired monsters will also devour those plants. You can directly cut the trees and pick the flowers in exchange for the 'Arcana'," Pearson said flatly. A cold light flashed in his emotionless eyes. "Why did you deceive us into coming here?"

"The white-haired monsters will indeed devour plants, but devouring plants won't produce 'Arcanum'," answered Decker quickly.

Pearson shrugged. Fuxi stepped forward and asked, "Have any of you merged with a Treacherous Bein

they thought that given a similar weapon, they could probably do more damage than Graham had done.

However, in the next instant, a crack spread out from the tiny hole, and began to spread out along the surface of the cave wall.

Everyone became more vigilant as the walls began to rumble.

It sounded as though something was moving within the depths of the mountain.

Graham was very familiar with the power of the thorny Treacherous Being. He took a few steps back as the wall in front of him started to collapse. As the wall crashed, a large hole was revealed, and within it was the Treacherous Being in the shape of sea urchin.

It had grown much larger. Its body had expanded at least a hundred times in size. Colorful thorns were embedded in the rock wall around the enormous sea urchin.

This level of damage had been caused by shooting the Treacherous Being into the wall. If it had been shot into the body of a living being, they could only imagine the power of the resulting explosion.

Zen looked sharply at Graham. "All the Treacherous Beings you merged with are of this same type?" he asked.

Graham nodded. "This kind of Treacherous Beings is our first choice. After we get enough 'Arcana', we each find such a Treacherous Being to merge with."

When Pearson heard Graham's answer, his mouth twitched slightly. The fighting capacity of the Wooden Leaf race was not as bad as he had imagined.

If they had fought with the Wooden Leaf race yesterday, they might win, but there might be some casualties. It seemed that Zen and the Snake Goddess's plan was the best plan.

Meanwhile, Fuxi, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, and several others were more interested in merging with Treacherous Beings.

After cultivating to the Eternal Realm, one's bloodline power couldn't change any more, and it became more difficult to find a stronger Other Shore Token. It looked like merging with Treacherous Beings was a shortcut to increase the level of one's strength.

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