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   Chapter 4042 The Ghost Powder

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The white claw continued to scatter ashes.

Soon, the emerald green leaves were covered with a layer of ashes again.

Zen and the others stood still and carefully observed the movements of the claw.

Even from afar, they were sure that it was a Treacherous Being.

However, they noticed that the disgusting aura emanating from the creature was not as strong as those of the previous ones that they had faced.

Although thick leaves were blocking their view, they could still make out its appearance. It was like a sluggish sloth that actually looked adorable.

After the sloth-like Treacherous Being spread a layer of ashes on the plants, it jumped down from the branch and slowly approached Zen's group.

"What does it want to do now?" Fuxi asked as he stared at it warily.

Seeing that the Treacherous Being started walking towards them, Sawyer and Thurston instinctively took out the sand-sized Holy Stones. Just before they activated the stones, Pearson stopped them and looked at them while shaking his head.

The sloth was just a hostility-level Treacherous Being and didn't impose any threat. Thus, Peterson deemed that it wasn't necessary to activate the Light of Annihilation just to frighten it.

Zen actually had the same thought in mind. He just stood still and watched the creature as it walked towards him.

The creature suddenly stopped in front of Zen. Then, it started pointing at the sky, showing a frightened expression.

"What is it trying to say?" Zen's brows furrowed as he didn't understand what it meant.

"It's pointing to the sky with a frightened expression. Is there something in the sky that makes it scared? Or does it want some kind of help?" King Ieuan tried to make a guess.

The Snake Goddess looked around before looking up in the sky. "It might be saying that there is a threat in the sky, but I don't think it wants any help."

As a native of the place, the creature was much more familiar with the environment than them. Moreover, the fact that it was an immortal and had low intelligence meant that there should only be few things that could scare it.

"If that's not the case, then does it want to help us instead? But I don't think that's more plausible," Yasamin said coldly as her eyes were glued to the Treacherous Being.

"Well, there are different kinds of Treacherous Beings. Some like to possess other creatures, while others like killing. We can't rule out the possibility that there are types that are kind to others. For example, Campbell stands on our side after he fully awakened," the Snake Goddess explained with a smile.

"I don't know about that… These monsters are just—"

host Powder. The three Eternal Realm Hunters exchanged glances with each other.

The Snake Goddess tried to remain calm and continued asking, "These creatures that you're pertaining, are they Treacherous Beings too?"

"Yes, you're correct. They are the powerful hatred-level Treacherous Beings," Decker said with a straight face.

"Wait! Did you just say hatred-level Treacherous Beings?!" Eastern Emperor Taiyi wasn't able to keep his composure.

All of them were utterly shocked. No one could hide their surprise and anxiety as they heard what Decker said.

In the last Pure Sky Platform, they happened to face a resentment-level Treacherous Being. If it weren't for Zen's explosive power at the most critical moment, they would have been dead already.

It wasn't an understatement to say that they just got lucky to surpass that hurdle. They were not even sure if they could successfully beat a resentment-level Treacherous Being next time. Now, if it was true that hatred-level Treacherous Beings would come and assault them, there probably was a zero chance of them surviving.

Instinctively, King Ieuan, Yasamin, and the others took a few steps back.

They were relatively close to the part of the forest where the sloth-like creature sprinkled the Ghost Powder. Knowing that it could attract the hatred-level Treacherous Beings, they had to make sure that they had absolutely no contact with it.

"You said that the hatred-level Treacherous Beings only attack the living things that are sprinkled with the Ghost Powder. So, as long as we don't come into contact with it, we should be fine then, right?" Zen asked after thinking about it for a while.

Then, with an innocent smile on his face, Decker answered, "Hmm, no. You will still be in danger."

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