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   Chapter 4041 The Strange Pattern

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Zen flew ahead of the group. Just as he was about to reach the lake shore, he spread out his spiritual sense.

The spiritual sense was a handy method of surveying one's surroundings; it made studying things at a distance easier, and even the things hidden underground could be detected by it.

However, just as Zen's spiritual sense swept over the terrain beside the lake, a strange image suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was a circle with ten animal teeth hanging around it!


The circle spun violently, and the animal teeth began to flash ominously. Then, Zen suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his mind, which made him almost cry out.

The Snake Goddess, Fuxi, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, and three Eternal Realm Hunters also released their spiritual senses, as Zen did. They also saw the circular pattern. In unison, they all started crying out in pain.


"What is that? It hurts!"

"My spiritual sense is affected..."

When Zen came to his senses, he glanced back at the Snake Goddess, Fuxi and the rest in dismay.

"Do you see anything with your spiritual sense?" the Snake Goddess asked.

"A ring with ten teeth embedded in it," Pearson replied concisely.

"I saw it, too! Squeak! Squeak!" King Ieuan exclaimed with a pained expression.

Fuxi studied the bank of the lake in the distance, his forehead creasing in fear.

Under normal circumstances, one should be able to send out their spiritual sense unimpeded. However, some special things could block the spiritual sense.

There were even more powerful things and creatures that could devour the spiritual sense, causing it to disappear without a trace.

This time, their spiritual senses didn't bounce back or disappear after moving around the area. However, what their spiritual senses revealed was the ring inlaid with teeth.

This was very strange, as though someone had deliberately shown them this.

Everyone discussed in low voices, but they couldn't seem to come to a conclusion.

Zen asked Campbell about it, but even Campbell was confused. "The Night View Island is a relatively large Pure Sky Platform, and we haven't arranged anything on it," he said. "I've never heard of the ability of affecting the spiritual sense that you just mentioned..."

As the builder of the world, Campbell was very familiar with the chaos and even the worlds outside it, but even his knowledge was limited here.

"I'll go ashore firs

merald leaf.

It turned out that these trees were not grey-white, but their surfaces were covered in a layer of ashes!

"Is there any volcano on the Night View Island?" The Snake Goddess's eyes narrowed.

If there were any volcanoes on this island that erupted, it would explain why the entire place was covered in ashes.

Fuxi shrugged as he reached out to pick a leaf. Cautiously, he sniffed at the dust on the leaf, and said, "This is not volcanic ash. There is no smell of sulfur."

Zen also asked for confirmation from Campbell. Campbell said that there was no volcano set up on the island when the Night View Island was built.

"There has to be some reason why there's dust all over the island..." Sawyer scratched his chin, pondering aloud.

"No." Pearson shook his head and pointed at a place not far away. "Look, the ashes are not evenly distributed. Only the flowers and trees have ashes, but there is no dust in other places..."

After careful observation, Zen and the others found that what Pearson said was true.

Except for the flowers and trees, there was no ash on the rocks and the ground.

"This is very strange," the Snake Goddess said with a deep frown. "Either the ashes belong to the plants, or they have been sprinkled on them by someone..."

Just as everyone was confused, Zen saw something from the corner of his eye. Turning to see what it was, he was surprised to see that a white claw stretched out from one of the trees with a handful of ashes, carefully sprinkling them on the leaves.

The emerald leaves Zen just dusted were now covered in grey-white ashes once more.

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