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   Chapter 4039 The Possibility Of Repair

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According to Campbell, this place called the Night View Island was an independent Pure Sky Platform.

There was no way to cross the Pure Sky Platforms. Once the passageway was destroyed, the pursuers could no longer chase the human heroes.

The Snake Goddess judged reasonably.

Both Zen and the Primeval Lord of Heaven in his inner world agreed.

"Since the passageway is broken, can't we fly there?" suggested Eastern Emperor Taiyi.

The passageway hanging above was reachable that everyone could easily fly to it.

"Let's have a try."

The Snake Goddess snapped her fingers and her shadow stretched out from behind her. It then turned into a blood-red bird and flew upward.

At more than one hundred feet away, the shadow disappeared without a trace. It appeared to be swallowed by a monster in the void.

The Snake Goddess narrowed her eyes, surprised. She shrugged at Zen and said, "It seems that this place also belongs to the Jade Pure Realm."

The area beyond the Pure Sky Platforms in the Jade Pure Realm devoured all the energies and materials in it. It was dangerous to fly there.

Zen looked at Campbell floating on the surface of the water and asked, "Master Campbell, can you find a way through this passageway?"

Campbell didn't answer. Instead, he swam to the edge of the water and stretched out his hand to explore outside the passageway. "We can't pass through it," he said. "There's so much Void Dust in this area."

"Void Dust?" Zen asked with a puzzled look.

Campbell replied, "The Jade Pure Realm is filled with dust that cannot be seen. You can imagine it as invisible dust, and anything that gets close to it will be devoured."

The shadow that the Snake Goddess released was indeed devoured by the Void Dust.

These people were subject to many restrictions since they were all from the chaos.

The core of the Heavenly Obsession Civilization was already of great power in itself. Aside from helping Zen understand Sanskrit, it could even restore the white light dots in the Abstruse Energy World.

However, the so-called Void Dust didn't have a white light dot, so the core of the Heavenly Obsession Civilization was unable to decode it.

The others attempted to access the area, f

ower is the one that needs to be pruned. Have you seen one before?"

On Zen's right hand, an azure square appeared out of nowhere. He reached out his hand, gently pinched it, and took out a metal branch. "I wonder if this is the metal branch you mentioned," he said, showing it to Campbell.

Not long after Zen entered the Other Shore, he obtained this metal branch in the Sacred Mallow Temple.

He had once shown it to the Primeval Lord of Heaven and the others, but none of them knew what it was.

Campbell glanced at the metal branch and took it from Zen's hand. "At least two thousand Pure Sky Platforms hadn't been completed at that time, and these two thousand Eternal Twilight Seeds must have all sprouted and grown into such branches."

The metal branches were exquisite in appearance. They didn't respond to any energy, so they couldn't be used as Other Shore Tokens. It was believed that they had some magical characteristics yet to be discovered.

However, they couldn't grow into Pure Sky Platforms without the world builders.

In addition, normal methods couldn't destroy them. For more than a thousand chaotic eras, they had spread all over the Other Shore. Zen had encountered just one of them.

The Dreaded Eye Demons obtained a metal branch by chance. Like many other races on the Other Shore, they studied it for a long time but didn't find out how to use it. In the end, they hid it in the Sacred Mallow Temple as rubbish, only to be retrieved by Zen later.

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