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   Chapter 4037 Stone Men

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Clang! Clang!

The rocks in the cave-dwelling were smooth and solid. The sounds of the stones colliding with each other as they rolled down were especially crisp.

As they moved along, they saw several round and cuboid stones that were covered with densely-packed runes. Obviously, they weren't any ordinary stones.

"What are these things?" Thurston asked with furrowed brows.

Sawyer took a close look and said, "These stones seem to be the earth spirits of the Element Spirit race."

The earth spirits of the Element Spirit race could turn themselves into extremely sturdy stones. They could just be differentiated from ordinary ones because of their unique aura.

"What? Why would they turn into these?" Eastern Emperor Taiyi asked in confusion as he also inspected the huge pile of stones.

The Element Spirit race once trapped the human heroes in this cave-dwelling, so they might have been sent here to guard the place. But still, they were confused as to why they would turn to these inanimate objects.

"Look! Something is coming out from the walls!" the Snake Goddess quickly warned as she pointed at a wall nearby.

Then, they saw masses of white orb-like things emerged from within the walls.

Judging from the form and the aura they emitted, there was no doubt that they were Treacherous Beings.

"Treacherous Beings!"

"Watch out for them!"

"Be alert! Those who could use the Light of Annihilation, be prepared for their sudden attack!"

After entering the Supreme Pure Realm, they had suffered a lot from the hands of the Treacherous Beings. Thus, they developed an instinctive vigilance whenever they faced them.

From the aura that they were releasing, it was safe to assume that they were hostility-level ones. But as for what type of Treacherous Beings they were, they still couldn't tell.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

There were a total of three Treacherous Beings that emerged from the walls. No one knew what their original form was. When they came out of the walls of the mountain, they were just like flowing water. Then suddenly, they rushed into the pile of stones.

At this moment, they didn't understand what the Treacherous Beings were trying to do. They began pulling several stones and pillars that gradually turned into three huge stone men.

As Zen and his group saw this, that was when they realized the goal of the Treacherous Beings for rushing into the stones that were actually made up of earth spirits.

"These hostility-level Treacherous Beings are vulnerable in the face of the Light of Annihilation, so the Element Spirit Civilization used the earth spirits to serve as their physical bodies," the Snake Goddess muttered.

Everyone's face immediately became serious as they faced the combined prowess of the Treacherous Beings a

nside the stone man's body.

The spear enveloped with the Light of Annihilation pierced cleanly into the body of the hostility-level Treacherous Being. With the power of the Light of Annihilation, it was instantly killed.


Zen rushed toward the body of the dead stone man and quickly pulled out the long spear. Before the other stone man that collided with the dead one could get up, he dashed over to its side.


Before it could even react, the long spear impaled into the other stone man's body. With a hissing sound, the second Treacherous Being was immediately killed.

After quickly eliminating two of the three stone men, Zen looked at the other side of the cave-dwelling.

The third one was blocked and was being taken care of by Sawyer, Thurston, and Eastern Emperor Taiyi.

At the same time, the Snake Goddess and Fuxi were waiting patiently to launch their attack. Then, suddenly, Eastern Emperor Taiyi finally drove his golden sword into the sturdy body of the last stone man, leaving an opening on the surface of its body. Fuxi immediately took action and used the opportunity to attack the Treacherous Being inside.

As he rushed towards the stone man, his palm showed a snow-white light which was actually the Light of Annihilation.


With the impact of Fuxi's palm enveloped by the Light of Annihilation, the Treacherous Being inside was instantly reduced to a pile of ashes.

Fuxi waved his hand with a hint of pride in his eyes.

Previously, during their first encounter with the Treacherous Beings, he thought that they were completely invincible.

He still clearly remembered the fear they instilled in his heart as they passed the Whining Road for the first time.

But now that he possessed the Light of Annihilation, he turned his fear into rage and determination and would kill them easily.

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