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   Chapter 4035 Cat And Saber

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Generally speaking, most Eternal Realm warriors and Other Shore creatures felt apprehensive at the mention of the Treacherous Beings.

After all, most of them had only encountered the killing type and the attaching type, which were the most common types of Treacherous Beings.

The various kinds of Treacherous Beings all had different personalities and obsessions. Some of them were naturally kind-hearted and helpful to others. This type of Treacherous Beings was called the friendly type.

The friendly type was further divided into different kinds. Some of them readily helped others while they stuck to their principles, while others trusted unconditionally and were willing to do anything.

The latter kind was the sort of Treacherous Beings that could be used as weapons.

The Treacherous Being in Darby's glazed glass was called the Three-clawed Beast. It was a hostility-level Treacherous Being with powerful attacks.

After Darby got the Three-clawed Beast from his master, he was only allowed to practice with it a few times before he had to seal it in the glazed glass. Furthermore, his master warned that he should never use it unless absolutely necessary.

However, the Light of Annihilation was not enough to defeat these Treacherous Beings of the attaching type. Left with no other choice, Darby finally was forced to use the Three-clawed Beast to deal with the three members of the Bone Blade race.

The moment Darby finished his explanation, an ear-piercing scratching sound suddenly came from behind them.


A giant cat, made up of countless eyeballs, appeared on the Pure Sky Platform!

It seemed that something had hit it. Due to the strong impact, it almost slid off the Pure Sky Platform and fell into the space outside it.

Fortunately, a few hundred feet away from the Pure Sky Platform was still a safe distance. However, the space further than that devoured energies and everything else into nothingness.

The giant cat nailed itself to the ground with its claws, which created long and deep scratches on its way. It tried its best to slow down its descent.

"Go to hell!"

On the other side stood the Grandmaster of Heaven, whose tall figure closed in with a flash. He raised his palm and hacked down like a knife from the sky.

In turn, the giant cat flipped and leaped into the air, then raised one paw to block the Grandmaster of Heaven's palm strike.

Just as it managed to resist the incoming palm attack, a translucent white giant saber suddenly emerged from the Grandmaster o

If he successfully took it away, it would be troublesome.

Meanwhile, the Eye Spirit had thought that the person inside the Holy Wings Armor was Slade, but it was Gavyn instead.

For him, Gavyn was truly special among the members of the Element Spirit race. His talent and ability were on par with Claire's, but he was just too complacent.

Therefore, the Eye Spirit had imprisoned him in the Holy Wings Armor to become a part of Slade.

Yet, he did not expect that after he sent Slade out, Gavyn had taken control of the Holy Wings Armor.

Then again, they were in a critical moment where it was not the right time to hold Gavyn accountable. Thus, the Eye Spirit only suppressed his displeasure. He quickly repaired his body and also chased after the Grandmaster of Heaven.

"Let's get out of here!"

the Grandmaster of Heaven shouted to Ewing, Phelps, and his other subordinates as he fled.

It was not suitable to stay on the Treasure Bottle Platform any longer. The Grandmaster of Heaven had just planned to defeat the Eye Spirit once and for all, but he failed. Therefore, he fled without hesitation.

Of course, the Eye Spirit knew what he had thought about.

He decided to hold on until the Black House and General Gianni had arrived. By that time, he could easily kill the enemies.

Although he couldn't kill the Grandmaster of Heaven, heavily injuring his physical body was good enough. More importantly, he had to keep the Godly Way energy on the Treasure Bottle Platform.


As soon as the Grandmaster of Heaven and his subordinates fled to the edge of the platform, an enormous wall of flames suddenly appeared in front of them and blocked their way.

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