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   Chapter 4031 On The Treasure Bottle Platform

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In the Jade Pure Realm, on the immense, hundred mile long and wide Pure Sky Platform, stood a huge treasure bottle in the shape of a gourd.

It was crystal clear and beamed magnificent colors as light reflected off it and refracted through it.

A wide river flowed beside the treasure bottle, appearing out of the void of the Jade Pure Realm and passing through the Treasure Bottle Platform.

This was the famous Divine River.

Many giants' corpses lay on either side of the Divine River.

Blood gurgled from their bodies and into the river through the drains, dying it a blood red.

A fat monk stood beside the corpses, smiling relentlessly. He appeared kind and friendly by his face, but the blood soaked into his robe said otherwise.

He grabbed a corpse and pushed it into the Divine River.


The body drifted down with the current.

On the opposite side of the river, a woman in a long robe was covered in blood as well, her once pure white robe now a deep red. Like the fat monk, she too was pushing corpses into the river.

The fat man might have looked like a monk, but he was in fact a Taoist priest. His name was Darby and he was the eldest disciple of the Grandmaster of Heaven.

The woman was Stella, the youngest of the Grandmaster of Heaven's disciples.

"I did not expect our master to kill so many giants in only three days. His strength must have increased significantly," sighed Darby.

The giants in the Jade Pure Realm possessed terrifying strength.

Facing so many was incomprehensible. If Darby came face to face with just one, he would be forced to retreat.

Being the eldest disciple, not only did he have all kinds of treasures, but the bloodline he had obtained from the Eternal Scroll Painting was extremely magical too. He was definitely among the top figures of the many Eternal Realm warriors.

A speck of worry appeared in Stella's eyes. "Our master has indeed become stronger, but did you notice that he seemed almost entirely not himself during the battle?"

"It's understandable. He was so determined to kill his opponents that perhaps he forgot him

on it, but none of them could find a way to break it.

"What on earth is in the bottle that the Element Spirit Civilization has to protect it like this?" Ewing's rough voice asked from one of the red spheres.

"In addition to the numerous giants, there are also so many hostility-level Treacherous Beings. Whatever is in this bottle must be very valuable," Phelps speculated.

"I didn't expect us to not be able to open the bottle after we took the Treasure Bottle Platform. This is really embarrassing."

As the four were deep in discussion, the Grandmaster of Heaven sauntered over.

He wore a golden robe that fluttered even though there was no wind. He was a truly intimidating figure to behold.


He stretched out a hand and drew a black dagger from his waist. It was not made of gold, copper or jade, but instead looked like the tooth of some kind of monster.

"That's the tooth of someone in the darkness! How did you get that?" Sloan, who looked like a cat and was the first on the left, asked.

The Grandmaster of Heaven didn't answer him. He leaped gracefully and nailed the black dagger firmly in the Sanskrit word, and the lines strewn across the bottle began glowing as he did.

The light faded and the lines that had been used to sustain the bottle turned into cracks.

A pale yellow energy emitted from the bottle, shocking the four powerful creatures when they saw it.

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