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   Chapter 4030 Divide Into Two Groups

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Eastern Emperor Taiyi gazed around him, frowning. "If memory serves me right, this should be a thick snow field," he muttered.

The field was brown and completely devoid of any snow.

All the ground within a radius of several miles was sunken to a depth of over a hundred feet.

It seemed clear what had happened. The Element Spirit Civilization had dug far and wide into the depths of this former snow field.

The Snake Goddess shrugged, looking unperturbed. She said, "The Shadow Marks can last for five days. Although the Shadow Warriors didn't monitor us directly, it wouldn't have been difficult to find this place using the marks."

After entering that road in the Wilderness of No Return, the Snake Goddess had used her shadow to destroy the snow line.

In hindsight, it seemed to have been a wise decision. Otherwise, they would be blocked halfway by the Element Spirit Civilization.

They carefully observed their surroundings, keeping a sharp lookout for anyone from the Element Spirit Civilization. After they had ensured that they were alone, they crossed the snow line and returned to the Freezing Wilderness.

Immediately, the body of the Wing King began to expand. His human-shaped figure transformed into the form of a giant hawk, with a wingspan at least several hundred feet wide. He spread his wings and the group of people clambered onto his back, whereupon he soared into the open sky above the Freezing Wilderness.

When they were about a third of the way across the Freezing Wilderness, the leader of the black-robed men turned to Zen. He bid him goodbye and thanked him one last time.

Previously, he had decided to follow Zen as far as he could in order to repay him. Moreover, although their race had always lived in the Dark Region, they had a great relationship with humans.

While they had been able to offer some help during the fray, the leader was very clear that the true strength of the Night Being race could only be displayed in the Dark Region. Once they reached the Light Region, it would be difficult for them to fight against enemies. Indeed, they would only be a burden.

Before leaving, the leader gave Zen a piece of black silk. He explained that it was a way for Zen to call upon them for assistance—should the silk be torn anywhere in the Dark Region, the Night Being race would instantly know his location. Zen acknowledged the gesture, and the black-robed man left with his remaining clansmen.

After they departed, the Wing King spread his wings and rose once more over the vast Freezing Wilderness.

Occasionally, they caught sight of a few creatures in the snow below them. The creatures watched and pointed at the group flying in the sky, their faces filled with malice, as though they would attack them if given

take a long time to save the Treacherous Beings on the Whining Road now.

When Fuxi finished speaking, something began flowing from the back of the Wing King. Dark green liquid oozed out from beneath the feathers. The green substance pooled together and rose to form a body, turning into a human-shaped Regal Jade statue.

"Zen, ask if this Regal Jade statue can be used," the Wing King instructed.

Zen asked in Sanskrit, "Master Campbell, will your companions possess this Regal Jade statue?"

Campbell studied the Regal Jade statue, then nodded. His eyes brightened with satisfaction. "Yes, they will!"

In fact, the Treacherous Beings on the Whining Road didn't need to possess other creatures to awaken. The reason for possessing other creatures was their desire to use the Light of Annihilation to kill the Treacherous Beings with big heads. But now that all such Treacherous Beings had been killed, they could simply walk straight out of the Whining Road.

However, they still wanted to realize their long-cherished wishes. The Regal Jade statues made by the Wing King would lead them out of the Whining Road and enable them to reach the Pure Sky Platform.

"Well then, we can divide into two groups. I will go to the Whining Road to awaken those Treacherous Beings, and you go to open the underground passage to save the heroes of the human race," said the Wing King gravely.

The Snake Goddess nodded. "I agree. It's a good arrangement."

There was an empty thatched hut since Campbell had left the Whining Road, and it would be safe for the Wing King to enter it alone.

As soon as everyone had voiced their approval of the plan, the Wing King sent them to the Myriad Pagoda Mountains. Then he changed his route. Wings spread, casting an enormous shadow on the ground below, the giant hawk flew alone towards the Blood Swamp.

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