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   Chapter 4029 Giants In The River

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Zen and his group returned to the pool and started to crawl along the long fishing rods.

When they reached the end of the rods, they then clasped the hooks with their fingers, swinging themselves down.

In the lead were Zen, Campbell, and Fuxi. Soon after, they returned to the cave.

The moment they stepped inside, they were stunned to find a huge pile of green crystals that filled the entire cave.

The abundance of crystals completely blocked the way in.

"What the hell is that?!" King Ieuan exclaimed in its surprise.

Taking a step forward, Fuxi gently tapped on them. Examining them cautiously, he commented, "This stuff is so dense. I'm afraid it won't be easy to break—"

Before he could finish the statement, the Snake Goddess interrupted him. "These crystals must be the Regal Jades from the Wing King's body. He was the last one to head up, so this must have been arranged by him to cover our rear."

"I think so," Zen agreed with a smile.

While the Wing King never mentioned it to him outright, Zen was rather familiar with these Regal Jades.

Once the black-robed men and the Eternal Realm Hunters followed suit and swung down, the Wing King was the last to return.

For the most part, he remained silent, bringing up the rear.

Walking to the pile of Regal Jades, he stretched out his wings and flapped at them. With that, the solid green crystals quickly melted like wax before fire and flowed toward the Wing King's body.

It wasn't long before he absorbed them all. Once he did, he stepped aside, remaining silent as usual.

In the past, the Regal Jade Civilization suffered a miserable failure when they developed a festering feud with the Nihility race. Ever since they encountered Zen in the Dark Region of Stage Thirteen, the Wing King favored Zen's superior talent, entrusting the hope of the entire Regal Jade Civilization to him.

And never had he regretted the choice, not even now. Zen had never disappointed him — instead, he greatly exceeded each and every expectation the Wing King had for him. Naturally, the latter was willing to devote himself to the man.

Once they left the cave, they returned along the path of the Wilderness of No Return.

The cave's exit stood close to the Divine River, only about thirty feet away.

Previously, Eastern Emperor Taiyi had been rather confident that this path would intersect with the Divine River. If they managed to enter it, he would have liked to dig into the soil for tr

ill. Failing to return to the river, it went straight into the depths of the Wilderness of No Return.

The same thing happened to the rest of the crows. Once they left the range of the Divine River, all of them were affected by the mysterious power, reluctantly flying toward opposite directions.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief at the sight. Their nerves had been going wild because the one-eyed crows seemed to be highly powerful creatures of the Jade Pure Realm. Nobody knew what abilities they possessed nor did they have any idea how difficult it would be to deal with them.

When Zen asked Campbell if he knew of these Other Shore creatures, the latter only shook his head in reply.

While it was true that he was a world builder, he already left to find the next suitable spot once the previous world was completed. Because of this, he knew little of the later developments in the secondary worlds. Without having experienced much of the chaos' development, he could only offer so much information.

For a while longer, they lingered on the bank of the Divine River.

In a short period of time, they witnessed six more dead giants flowing down along the river. With that, they concluded that the river must have turned red because of the great amount of blood from the giants.

Whoever had killed them, though, remained an enigma to them.

After taking the time to observe the area, they returned along the same path they had come. Encountering no obstacles in the wilderness, they found the journey back was rather smooth.

But when they arrived at the snowline, much to their surprise, they found an area of bare brown earth.

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