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   Chapter 4027 Unfold

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Zen followed and smashed down per Campbell's instructions.


This last smash was strong enough and revealed a unique rune below.

Similar to the first rune, the second faced a different direction. They must be related to one another.

However, Campbell left out an explanation. He continued to walk in another direction, pointing at different areas on the ground, which signaled Zen to smash them open.

Crack, crack, crack, crack...

Zen had created more than twenty holes in the huge Pure Sky Platform. In each hole, they found a different rune.

When Zen formed the last hole, Campbell lightly pressed the rune inside. A ray of faint yellow light reflected out in response to Campbell's touch.

All of a sudden, the runes in the other holes lit up one after another. Once they were all glowing with yellow light, the ground trembled.


A muffled sound echoed from the inside of the Pure Sky Platform as if something had just opened within it.

Just then, the Pure Sky Platform slowly rotated. The stone pillars that held the armors rose one by one. At the same time, a noticeable crack appeared right at the center of the Pure Sky Platform that revealed the inside of the platform. Within the shell-like structure were patterns and complex structures.

"The Pure Sky Platform is so ingenious," Fuxi praised.

"Just like the mechanical devices below the Myriad Pagoda Mountains." The Snake Goddess nodded in appreciation and then looked at Campbell. "These things were probably crafted by the world builders."

"Whatever! I'm more interested in the armors! Squeak!" King Ieuan squealed, mesmerized by the display of armors within the stone pillars.

The first time they saw the armors and weapons, their interest was immediately piqued.

However, Campbell warned that the armors and weapons were protected by powerful restrictions. Afterward, they lost interest and focused on the Treacherous Beings.

Now that the entire Pure Sky Platform had unfolded, King Ieuan grew interested to obtain the armors and weapons.

"Zen, can we take some armors and weapons with us? Squeak!" asked King Ieuan excitedly.

If they utilized these weapons, they could also rely on the Light of Annihilation to get rid of the Treacherous Beings once and for all.

After pausing to think, Zen responded, "Master Campbell, these are useless if th

de the unfolded area. "It's time to leave here. Just need to break the wall."

Within a second, Zen flew forward and threw a heavy punch at the center of the wall.


The wall immediately collapsed with a bang and revealed a small passageway. It was so short that the ceiling of the tunnel was the height of their hips.

Zen bent down and drilled into the passageway. They all moved forward, but at around two hundred feet, they were met with another wall. Zen did not hesitate and threw another punch.


Once the wall collapsed, they were met with a large, luxurious pool.

They exited the passage one after another. When they saw the pool and the bronze statues again, they all took a breath of relief.

After the battle, the Eternal Realm warriors and the Eternal Realm Hunters did not suffer much loss. They were quite lucky to have done so.

However, more than half of the black-robed men were killed.

These men in black robes had a grudge against their leader. They risked their lives to follow Zen but inherited no benefits. Besides, many of them ended up being injured or dead for no reason.

However, the leader of the black-robed men comforted them, which allowed them to calm down eventually.

With the help of Zen, they had obtained the six-headed eagles' eggs, which meant that they saved the entire Night Being race. Because of this, they were indebted to Zen.

Moreover, they all obtained a piece of Holy Stone that they treated like a treasure. If they were faced with the Treacherous Beings again, they were prepared this time.

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