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   Chapter 4020 The Black Head

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Campbell's body had been stretched out, so it took some time for him to recover and turn back to his human shape.

After he could move properly, he headed back for the door, but as he did, his expression darkened.

The exit had been blasted into pieces; the entire passageway had been destroyed!

"Is this some kind of trap set up a long time ago?" Campbell asked in a low voice.

Only the Four Spirits Sect, or to be exact, only some members of the Human Spirit Sect knew about the secret passage to the main world.

Someone had blatantly destroyed the secret passage. The traitor must be someone from the Four Spirits Sect, or to be exact, the Human Spirit Sect...

This proved Zen right.

"This place is so close to the Abstruse Energy World. Can you leave by going up?" Zen asked Campbell as he pointed at the sky.

Looking up, he felt the Abstruse Energy World was so close, as though it was within his reach.

Campbell glared at Zen. "Don't be stupid. Take that path if you want to court death."

The force field that lingered above the Jade Pure Realm had actually been set up by Campbell and his companions, so he knew the risks.

"If that's the case, then I'm afraid you have no choice but to pass through the road controlled by the Element Spirit Civilization," Zen said with a shrug.

"Of course I know that," Campbell snapped impatiently.

The path they were supposed to take, the one that had been destroyed, was actually a secret shortcut. The usual bridge between the chaos and the Abstruse Energy World was the road controlled by the Element Spirit Civilization.

"But the Element Spirit Civilization won't let you pass," Zen warned.

"The Element Spirit Civilization? Are they powerful?" Campbell asked.

At the mention of any of the creatures in the chaos, Campbell's expression would change a little, from scornful to condescending.

No matter how powerful the creatures in the chaos were, Campbell usually didn't take them seriously.

However, Zen was an exception. After all, Zen had been to the Eternal Divine Courtyard and passed the test of the ancestry-level bloodline.

"It's the strongest civilization on the Other Shore. They were the first civilization after the chaos was created," Zen explained patiently. "There's no way we can defeat them in this condition, an

out after accumulating to a certain extent.

"Run!" Zen cried.

When the crowd saw two rays of red light shooting towards them, they all dodged to the side.


Fortunately, they were able to dodge in time. The red light swept over and past them.

Campbell, too, was able to jump out of harm's way.

Only one man in the black robe was a split-second too slow. Before he could even scream, the red light flashed through him.

At first, he stood perfectly still.

Then, the man in the black robe collapsed into a pile of black soot.

Everyone stared at the scene in horror. How could they not be seized with fear, knowing that one touch of the llight would burn them to dust?

Having dodged the red light, Campbell stretched out his hand.

The armor, which had been scattered on the ground, dashed straight for Zen. Even the spear pulsated with energy.

Crack! Crack! Crack...

In less than three seconds, the armor had been completely attached onto Zen's body.

"Kill him!" Campbell ordered Zen.

Zen gripped the spear tightly and nodded. Raising his hand, he jabbed the spear towards the monster in the distance.

A silver light shot out from the tip of the spear. The black head had no form of defenses whatsoever, so the Light of Annihilation pierced through it cleanly.

However, once the silver light faded, there was but a small hole on the black head. Compared to its overall size, the piercing was but a mosquito bite.

However, the Light of Annihilation on the spear in Zen's hand had completely dimmed.

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