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   Chapter 4019 Hard To Accept

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Campbell's words made Zen's eyes widen in surprise.

Based on his tone, it didn't seem as if Campbell knew much about the Four Spirits Sect.

Zen thought it best to raise another question. "Master Campbell, what do you plan to do now?"

Campbell raised his head to look at the starry sky. "Now that I'm awake, I will naturally go back and look for answers on who poisoned us back then."

The builders had a relatively high position in the Four Spirits Sect and enjoyed a certain level of prestige.

They were, after all, the ones whom the Four Spirits Sect relied on to expand their territory.

To poison such important members of the Four Spirits Sect was a serious crime. It was no doubt done by someone with both guts and power. There was a solemn look in Campbell's eyes as he continued to stare at the sky. "I would like to know why they stopped us from awakening again, and again, and again..."

As his words trailed off, he turned to look at Zen.

He expected a look of enlightenment, an expression bright with realization, but all Campbell saw was Zen's furrowed brows of worry.

The young man's expression made him frown. "What's wrong?" Campbell asked. "Did I say anything wrong?"

Zen licked his lips as he let out a heavy sigh. "Did you never come into contact with anyone from the main world after you were poisoned?" Zen asked.

Campbell shook his head. "No. Neither me nor any of my companions have ever met with anyone from the main world." Every single time he came here led by his obsession, he would end up killed by those big-headed monsters which prevented him from waking up completely.

"So you are unaware of the Four Spirit Sect's current situation," Zen murmured, his eyes twinkling with a strange color.

"Why? What is their current situation?" Campbell asked, half puzzled yet also half-apprehensive with the look on Zen's face.

"If the creatures in our chaos want to enter the Three Purities Stage, we would need to enter the Eternal Scroll Painting and become Eternal Realm warriors to do so," Zen began.

"I built the passage. I know how it works," Campbell replied with a nod.

"I entered the center of the Eternal Scroll Painting."

Campbell's brows rose at Zen's revelation. "Then that means you're quite talented and you inherited the origin-level bloodline. Congratulations. No wonder your physical strength is excellent."

To be able to obtain the origin-level bloodline was a very outstanding feat for creatures from secondary worlds.

Of course, as a member and a builder of the Four Spirits Sect, the origin-level bloodline wasn't as big of a deal to Campbell. After all, those talented warriors

oice was directly transmitted to his inner world. It was better this way since there was some information that couldn't be revealed to everyone.

All they knew was that there was a bit of singing and then Campbell suddenly became very upset so they naturally wanted to know what happened.

"No!" Campbell declared. "I do not believe this. I will go there myself!"

Denial was always the first stage in grief. No matter how rational Zen's words had been, Campbell did not want to believe them.

He wouldn't believe unless he confirmed it with his own two eyes.


He immediately stamped his feet on one side of the Pure Sky Platform.

From there, a series of patterns flashed on the ground.

Soon enough, a strangely-shaped collection of houses suddenly floated into the air.

The house on the helm was incredibly small and only featured a door that could accommodate a single person at most. There were a total of five houses and each house was twice the size of the one that preceded it.

"Master Campbell," Zen called out to Campbell. "Where are you going?!"

"As a builder, I naturally have a path that could take me to the main world. There is no need to follow me. Creatures from secondary worlds would have difficulty traveling in the main world without undergoing transformation," Campbell answered just as he pushed the door open.

"Crack! Boom!"

He had just taken a step inside the threshold when a great force shook the door.

Campbell tried to grab the door frame out of instinct but it only ended up with him thrown into the air and landing over ten miles away, with both his hands and feet also stretching for the same distance.

Fortunately, Campbell was in the form of a Treacherous Being and was able to withstand the blow.

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