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   Chapter 3927 The Foundation

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The Grandmaster of Heaven had worked hard to come up with the situation. But only within a short period, it was ruined.

The people who had been controlled had obtained their freedom, resulting in him facing seven opponents including Fuxi, the real Snake Goddess, Gerald, Judson, Zen, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, and Herbert!

They were all top masters of the Eternal Realm, except for the three Chaos Ancient Gods—Judson, Herbert and Gerald; and Zen was even more remarkable.

As for the Grandmaster of Heaven, he only had one helper, the captain of the Black Ship.

In the face of these powerful masters, the captain could not do anything to them. When it came to real strength, he would be at a disadvantage in the battle with Fuxi, far inferior to the real Fuxi.

"I made the correct judgment when we were in the Grand Plain Stage," the Grandmaster of Heaven said, staring at Zen with confidence.

He believed that Zen deserved the Nihility race's great deal of effort to win him over, so he took action in person. Unfortunately, neither he nor Claire had succeeded.

Claire and the Grandmaster of Heaven both had sharp intuition. They were determined that they had to get Zen. He could either be destroyed or become a huge hidden trouble if they couldn't get him.

Therefore, the only purpose that the Black Ship and the Bearing race attacked the Oneness Sky Palace after Zen entered the Eternal Scroll Painting was to take him.

However, contrary to the wishes of the Black Ship and the Bearing race, the situation had developed to this point after the three forces took action. It was beyond the Grandmaster of Heaven's expectations.

It had only been a short while since Zen returned, but he was able to kill him.

What kind of bloodline did Zen get?

Even the origin-level bloodline shouldn't be so powerful in a short time.

"It doesn't matter whether your judgment is right or wrong, because you can't affect the situation," Zen responded, dismissing the Grandmaster of Heaven's certainty.

There were two choices for the Grandmaster of Heaven at the moment. He could either abandon the Descending Ring and escape back to the Other Shore, or stay where he was and fight to death.

The Nihility race didn't suffer too much loss. Returning to the Other Shore was the best choice for the Grandmaster of Heaven. He could wait for the next opportunity, and when the Element Spirit Civiliza

Zen's and the Primeval Lord of Heaven's admiration.

The Grandmaster of Heaven didn't expect that the real Snake Goddess would know so much. The excitement on his face slowly faded into a darker emotion, but he still managed to mock her, "So what? My senior fellow disciple has persisted for such a long time, but he hasn't even found out the truth. Now you still want to complete the Finale Way? It is just wishful thinking!"

Hearing the Grandmaster of Heaven make such remarks of ridicule, the real Snake Goddess only shrugged it off with a smile. She knew that the brush-wielder gave Zen the hope, which meant that there was a chance to complete the Finale Way. The Grandmaster of Heaven was clueless about that.

"Wait and see if it is just wishful thinking. What I know is you're in a bad situation now!"

Zen slightly leaned his body forward and disappeared after taking a step.

He transformed into a thin thread, spreading towards the Grandmaster of Heaven at an extremely fast speed.

After seeing Zen do his move, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, Fuxi, the real Snake Goddess, and the three Chaos Ancient Gods also took action!

The powerful warriors each activated their strength at the same time. Even the huge chaos clouds on the side drifted away slowly as if wanting to keep distance from the battle.

"There are some powers that are inappropriate for you," the Grandmaster of Heaven said with a domineering aura. "There are things that you don't qualify to know, and there are also some powers that you cannot resist. In that case, let me show you the foundation of the Nihility race!"

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