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   Chapter 3926 Breaking The Lawless Cage

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Even before the battle began, Zen's body had already started mutating, and the Snake Goddess had noticed it.

When the huge monster suddenly appeared, she had a hunch but was still a little uncertain. The gap between the monster and Zen was just too great.

For one, Zen's Wild God Body was only a little over four million feet tall. However, this monster's body was over ten million feet tall. It was more than twice of Zen's size.

"It's a pity that you dodged it," Zen said with an unpleasant sound coming from his chest.

The voice had a strong penetrating power that would send shivers on one's spine, and there was also a bewitching power in it.

Almost all living things would instinctively feel fear and disgust towards Zen when they heard his voice. Even those powerful Eternal Realm masters were of no exception.

"Who the hell are you?" the Grandmaster of Heaven asked again. He instinctively felt that this monster would be difficult to deal with. If it was possible, he wouldn't take the chance to fight it.

"This is impossible. There is no such existence in the chaos!" The captain of the Black Ship was in denial as the monster didn't give a direct answer.

It was the Black Ship's duty to gather news and information in the chaos for the Nihility race.

If the captain missed accounting such a powerful existence, it would be a grave dereliction of his duty.

The captain was so puzzled. If the monster was really from the chaos, there was no way that it would just appear out of nowhere. 'Is this creature from the Other Shore then?' he thought.

"Such a bother! What..."

As the Grandmaster of Heaven was still conversing with the captain of the Black Ship, the monster secretly turned and gave a hint to Eastern Emperor Taiyi.

With that, Eastern Emperor Taiyi condensed his golden sword again and took the opportunity to hack it towards the Grandmaster of Heaven's head while his guard was down.

However, the Grandmaster of Heaven was too strong to fall for a sneak attack. With just a flip of his Cyan Misty Sword, he deflected the incoming sword strike.

But what he didn't know was that it was just a diversion created by the white-haired monster. While the Grandmaster of Heaven was busy with the attacks from Eastern Emperor Taiyi, he didn't notice that the monster had already disappeared. The next moment, it emerged inside the Lawless Cage, next to Fuxi and the Snake Goddess.

Herbert was the one who created the Lawless Cage. It looked ordinary on the outside, but it was extremely powerful.

Even Chaos Ancient Gods like Gerald, Judson, and Herbert himself, were completely suppressed by the Lawless Cage.

With the sudden appearance of the white-haired monster, they thought that it might have the chance to defeat the Grandmaster of Heaven. E

mn it! You are Zen!"

Previously, Zen had used a similar ability, and only he possessed such an unusual and powerful skill in the entire chaos.

Fuxi, who had just escaped from the Lawless Cage, glared at the white-haired monster when he heard the cry of the Grandmaster of Heaven. "Wait. Are you really Zen? What kind of ability is that? No offense, but you completely look like an ugly monster."

The Snake Goddess was just calm. Gerald and Judson also had a hunch earlier. When they saw how the monster easily crushed the Lawless Cage, they instantly knew the identity of the white-haired monster.

"Yes, it's me. Ha-ha, you don't have to emphasize the ugly part." Zen had no intention of hiding his identity.

"Well, given your remarkable strength, your appearance doesn't really matter," Fuxi said as he stared at Zen's body with admiration. Although it was weird, every part of it was useful and suitable for killing and fighting.

"Herbert, are you seeing this? As a zillion creatures have been born in these over a thousand chaotic eras, there are always some powerful beings that would appear no matter what. Now, do you still want to be part of the other side?" Gerald pointed out as he tried to persuade Herbert.

Herbert chose to follow the Purge Way, though he was a little uncertain. The ancient and powerful Element Spirit Civilization made him think that it would be much easier to complete the Purge Way.

However, after seeing what Zen did today, Herbert began to harbor doubts and have a little change of perspective. He thought that perhaps, it was destined that this round of chaos became different from the rest.

Herbert kept quiet and didn't reply. As a Chaos Ancient God, he didn't have the luxury to easily change his mind. But for now, since he was released, the only certain thing was the Grandmaster of Heaven was his enemy.

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