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   Chapter 3925 Unexpected Appearance

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The real Eastern Emperor Taiyi was not weak by any means, but he was no match for Othniel.

That was why it shocked the Grandmaster of Heaven a great deal to see him walking towards them.

Fuxi, the real Snake Goddess, Gerald and Judson also sported expressions of surprise on their faces, while Herbert even bordered on desperation.

In a flash, the real Eastern Emperor Taiyi spiraled into the air and brandished his golden sword radiance.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz...

His bloodline-activated swordsmanship was geared to the max as nineteen golden long swords were summoned by his side.

These golden swords looked illusory and extended far into the distance. Some directly stabbed into the Source World, but did not really damage it. A few sensitive creatures felt their hearts palpitate but nothing more.

The blades, however, were very solid and even the toughest magic treasure in the chaos could be slashed open by them easily.


With a shrill, ear-shattering whistle, the nineteen golden swords merged into one and immediately slashed down towards the Grandmaster of Heaven.

At the moment before impact, the light emanated from the blade and formed a golden arc in the air. A terrifying force was released from the sword as the real Eastern Emperor Taiyi was going to break through the Lawless Cage and pierce through the Grandmaster of Heaven.

Fuxi's eyes sparkled in excitement. "Eastern Emperor Taiyi is so powerful!"

In contrast, the real Snake Goddess was calm and the real Fuxi sighed slightly.

The real Eastern Emperor Taiyi was by no means weak, but the gap between him and the Grandmaster of Heaven was way too big. Even if he pushed that physical body to the limit, his efforts would remain futile.

They had no idea how the real Eastern Emperor Taiyi defeated Othniel, but it would be impossible for him to change the situation now.

In the face of such a seemingly devastating attack, the Grandmaster of Heaven only snorted as he lifted his own Cyan Misty Sword to resist his oncoming opponent's attack.

His sword was fixed and stayed motionless atop his head.


Upon the moment of impact with the Cyan Misty Sword, the real Eastern Emperor Taiyi's golden sword trembled. However, the Cyan Misty Sword remained motion

"Where in the world did this monster come from?"

"Is fate smiling down on us and sending us help?"

Everyone knew that their fortunes had just been reversed by the sudden appearance of this white-haired monster.

Ever since the battle began, Fuxi and the others had no time to pay attention to Zen.

They thought that even if Zen was able to fuse with the ancestry-level bloodline, he was still weak compared to the Chaos Ancient Gods and there was no way he'd be able to contend with them. That was the reason why they asked him to guard the Pear Hill with Yan.

Who would've thought Zen would be their unlikely trump card in the form of this white-haired monster.

As the Grandmaster of Heaven was trapped within Zen's arms, he forcibly tried to struggle, just as Othniel had done.

His figure constantly shifted between blurry and solid, yet he remained in Zen's hold. Soon enough, he came up with the same escape method Othniel had used and turned himself into countless Minimum Spaces to escape.

There was a sour expression on the Grandmaster of Heaven's face as he shifted into countless Minimum Spaces, since it was, after all, Othniel's ability that helped him escape.

He glared hard at the monster. "Who are you?" he asked coldly.

It wasn't just him. Fuxi, the real Snake Goddess, Gerald, Judson, and even Herbert wanted to know who this monster was.

There was no powerful beast that existed in the chaos like the one in front of them, save perhaps for the Chaos Ancient God, Lamont.

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