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   Chapter 3924 The Desperate End

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Back then, the Grandmaster of Heaven had made a contract with Othniel using the Contract-restricting Twin-headed Snake.

According to the contract, he would not attack Othniel before taking down Pear Hill.

However, the contract didn't mention anything about Herbert.

Now that he had taken advantage of Herbert to capture the people of Pear Hill and possessed the same abilities as the latter, Herbert no longer had any value to him. "What do you mean by doing so, Grandmaster of Heaven?" Herbert's face darkened.

He already felt that he had gotten quite weaker in the Lawless Cage.

If he completely lost control of the Lawless Cage, then the Grandmaster of Heaven could do anything to him.

"I'm eliminating my future enemies in advance. Is there anything wrong about that?" the Grandmaster of Heaven stated matter-of-factly.

As the head of the Nihility race, the Grandmaster of Heaven was one of the Element Spirit Civilization's mortal enemies. It was inevitable for him to confront Herbert.


Herbert's body began to glow brightly as he tried hard to activate his bloodline power.

As the powerful energy surged in his body, the purple pillars also began to glow. It was clear that he was scrambling for control over the Lawless Cage.

If he was still outside the Lawless Cage, he could've probably defeated the Grandmaster of Heaven with his excellent understanding of the truth power.

But now, the Lawless Cage greatly limited his strength. His struggle only lasted for a few seconds before victory was declared.

In the end, he had to admit defeat to the Grandmaster of Heaven. "As the leader of the Nihility race, you are shameful to be such a treacherous man!" Herbert snapped resentfully.

"I never swore anything to you. What made me treacherous?" the Grandmaster of Heaven said with a shrug.

"You..." At that point, Herbert was too angry to speak anymore.

Unlike the other Chaos Ancient Gods, he rarely traveled around the mortal world. Thus, he didn't know about such lies and deceit.

"Hmph, the Nihility race and the Element Spirit Civilization are all the same. They only come to you when they need something from you, then they will kill you the moment you're of no use to them. I tried to convince you before, but you ignored my words like nothing!" Fuxi suddenly shouted from the side.

Fuxi had lent his body to the real Fuxi, but he still got detained in the end. Still, he didn't blame it on the real Fuxi.

After all, things might have ended up worse if he had personally fought in the battle

unctured all of their chests, and black flames burned hotly in their wounds.

Although such injuries weren't enough to kill them, the black fire still felt like torture. Everyone's faces twisted in pain.

However, even though the black fire burned continuously, all of them in the Lawless Cage endured it silently without yielding.

"I only want to recruit more men in the chaos who could be of use to me, but it looks like you are all strong-willed people. Since you refuse to join me, let me send you to hell."

With a murderous glint, the Grandmaster of Heaven waved his hand, and the entire Lawless Cage began to shrink rapidly.

The distance between the purple pillars continued to lessen, while the pressure inside the cage increased.

Fuxi, the Snake Goddess, and the others still tried hard to resist the black fire, but they had quite a hard time now that the Lawless Cage was also shrinking.

As they became increasingly powerless to resist, the black fire burned more and more wildly on their bodies and brought death closer to them.


Just then, a golden sword radiance crossed a vast distance and slashed squarely on the Lawless Cage.

The mighty golden sword radiance was powerful enough to go against the Grandmaster of Heaven's cyan sword radiance. Its attack rocked the entire Lawless Cage quite violently, which weakened the cage's restraints. Therefore, the Snake Goddess and the others inside it had a chance to breathe.

"Eastern Emperor Taiyi?"

The Grandmaster of Heaven raised his head and looked at the figure in the far end of the horizon. He had thought that it would be Othniel who came out of the battleground victoriously, but that was not the case.

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