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   Chapter 3923 Lawless Cage

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It was true that there were many forces in the chaos, but it didn't make things complicated.

After the six Chaos Ancient Gods split into two factions, the division of powers in the Source World became quite stable.

Fuxi was the one who wanted to complete the Finale Way the most. He tried his best to make himself stronger, enough to kill the Chaos Ancient Gods and break the balance.

The only thing was that the Chaos Ancient Gods were invincible, and this was one of the truths in the chaos.

He couldn't break that truth, but Zen had surprisingly done it.

Othniel looked at Zen again, but this time with a hint of fear and caution. After all, the Chaos Ancient Gods were not immortal. Anyone whose life was on the line, like him, would be on guard.

Although he already believed what Zen said, he still countered, "Just you? Don't brag about yourself!"

Zen glanced at him indifferently and said, "You'll know whether I'm bragging or not soon."

As he spoke, he suddenly disappeared from where he stood.

Moreover, his disappearance didn't cause any space fluctuation, nor did he build a space channel.

It was as if he had used another theurgy that never existed before to teleport!

Naturally, Othniel was shocked when he saw that Zen had disappeared.

After all, he was a Chaos Ancient God in charge of the space truth. What skillful method did Zen use to avoid his detection?


His eye glowed a bright blue then he released a mighty truth power. That was when he finally noticed something.

There was an immensely thin line in the black void that moved like a worm as it swiftly approached him.

When he got to see it more clearly, it was already quite close to him!


In turn, he used the Grand Teleportation without a second thought.

Zen had already jumped out from the end of the line the moment Othniel disappeared, but it was too late. Othniel had already teleported far away.

"He actually spotted me. If it was any other Chaos Ancient God, they probably couldn't have done that." Zen shrugged.

After the ancestry-level bloodline devoured Lamont, it naturally became more interested in consuming Chaos Ancient Gods.

The ancestry-level bloodline also played an active role when Zen dealt with Othniel. For instance, the bloodline released this particular space theurgy that even Othniel found it hard to see through it. Zen almost succeeded in devouring him just now.

of Heaven stood on one of the purple pillars and looked down at them. "I can give you a chance to join our Nihility race and surrender to me," he said with a cold smile.

As Herbert, who had built the Lawless Cage, heard those words, his face instantly darkened.

It was true that the Grandmaster of Heaven was powerful, but Herbert also contributed greatly in subduing the four warriors.

Also, his stand was completely different from the Grandmaster of Heaven's. The only reason they worked together was that they wanted to fight against the Pear Hill. After that, a battle would probably ensue between them.

Now, the Grandmaster of Heaven wanted to make all the people of the Pear Hill surrender to him. How could he accept that?

"Grandmaster of Heaven, you and I worked together in order to take down the Pear Hill. These people can't be restrained; they can only be killed," he said bluntly.

The Grandmaster of Heaven turned to look at him and sneered, "Why should I listen to you?"

"I also did my part to take them down," he threatened. "If I remove the Lawless Cage, I'm afraid you'll also be in trouble."

No matter how strong the Grandmaster of Heaven was, it was hard for him to deal with the two Chaos Ancient Gods at the same time. What was more, the real Fuxi and the real Snake Goddess were there as well, so he was less likely to win the fight.

"This Lawless Cage is indeed powerful, but I'm afraid you are not the only one who could control it," the Grandmaster of Heaven said nonchalantly and ignored the threat. Suddenly, four of the sixteen purple pillars rose and trapped Herbert.

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