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   Chapter 3922 Struggle

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Zen's appearance hadn't returned to normal; he was still a ten feet tall monster and in this form, his aura had also undergone a huge change.

At a glance, Othniel could not recognize him. But under current circumstances, any creature daring to come down could not be ordinary.


The blue light in Othniel's only eye flickered and a space formed on either side of Zen.

If these spaces could restrain him, he'd be able to cut him in half with ease.

But as soon as they enveloped Zen's body, they dissipated immediately!


Othniel was dumbfounded and he quickly thought of Zen in his mind. Was this monster actually him?

This thought lingered in his mind when Zen suddenly grew even more, to a monster more than eight million feet tall!

When Zen had previously activated his Wild God Body, he was only capable of expanding to around four million feet high. Before he had activated it this time, he still believed that was his limit.

He now realized, however, that his body had doubled in size!

Was it because he had devoured Lamont?

Othniel had a bad feeling about this.

Zen had been able to break the Grandmaster of Heaven's Fishing Drum, and the triangular world he had summoned, quite easily. If this horrific monster truly was Zen, he was now stuck in quite a terrible situation.

Even more curious were Lamont's features that this monster shared; such as his long, strong arms with the white hair on them.

"Who are you?" Othniel asked brazenly, raising his head.

All Zen offered was an ugly smile. He then raised his foot and stamped down lightly, creating a huge crater in the space that imprisoned the real Eastern Emperor Taiyi!

"It really is him..."

Othniel was now sure it was Zen; only he could break through his space barrier so quickly and easily.

But why had he become this monstrosity...

He was still lost in confusion when the real Eastern Emperor Taiyi had thrust his sword out, sending countless golden rays of sword radiance bursting out.


The space already had a big hole in it and now the sword radiance obliterated it into pieces.

"Swish, swish, swish..."

The sharp

wer made of sand. Every grain of sand within his body turned into a Minimum Space, which was the smallest matter in the chaos. Only then did Othniel finally rid himself of Zen's control.

An eight-foot tall person was made up of tens of billions of Minimum Spaces. Othniel's massive body possessed way more than that.

Innumerable Minimum Spaces, indistinguishable to the naked eye, moved to another spot where Othniel's body gradually reformed. This process was, however, heavily draining for him.

When he finally looked at Zen again, fear filled his eye as he realized that if he had not just put everything he had into escaping, he would probably have lost his life. What Zen said next proved him right.

"Impressive. Your method is much smarter than Lamont's, but that's it." The voice that rang from his chest sounded very strange.

Othniel suddenly widened his eye. "Lamont has descended to the Pear Hill? What happened to him?"

In his heart he already knew the answer. The white hair and the pair of arms on Zen's body told him all he needed to know but it was still hard to accept that a Chaos Ancient God had died at Zen's hands.

After all, for as long as one could recall, a human had never killed a Chaos Ancient God.

As existences that controlled the truth in the chaos, the Chaos Ancient Gods were thought to be invincible.

"He is dead," Zen said decisively, giving Othniel the answer he least wanted to hear.

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