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   Chapter 3921 Reinforcements

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Yan floated over slowly and then gazed at the huge body in a vigilant manner.

To be honest, it was a bit difficult for her to link this huge monster with her brother. It just didn't seem possible.

However, she had personally witnessed the entire fierce battle herself. There was no doubt about it. This was undoubtedly Zen.


Yan called out.

Hearing her voice, Zen raised his head slowly.

When she saw Zen's face, Yan took a deep breath and involuntarily retreated a few steps back.

Rigid, round muscles had swollen to bulges around Zen's face. These special muscles were as tough and indestructible as powerful and refined magical treasures.

His eyes, nose and mouth were almost completely invisible due to those muscles. The sunken structure could now protect his eyes, ears, mouth and nose as much as possible.

However, it was extremely horrible to watch. He looked uglier than a fiend.

Forcing the disgust she was feeling deep inside her, Yan called out once again, "Brother, is that you?"

Zen smiled and reached out his hand to her as if to say 'I am here, sis!'

This gesture finally relieved Yan. She took Zen's palm and pouted softly, "Brother, why have you become like this?"

"I am sorry. This is something that I can't control," Zen replied, shaking his head.

After he had changed his form, his voice had also changed a lot.

His voice didn't seem to be coming from his throat anymore. Instead, it was a chesty growl. It was not only hoarse but also quite harsh.

"His looks don't matter. What we witnessed is that he killed a Chaos Ancient God by himself!" King Ieuan floated to Yan's side. Its bean-sized eyes were full of appraisal for the half-man, half-beast in front of it. "This body may be ugly in your eyes, but it is remarkably strong. It is made for battle!"

Zen had killed a Chaos Ancient God by himself.

He was the first warrior to ever manage that feat in the entire Source World.

Moreover, he had killed Lamont by devouring him, which meant that the killing process had actually made Zen stronger.

This man had really lived up to everyone's expectations.

"Made for battle? Come on. It's too ugly. It doesn't even look human!" Yan said as she sniffed. She wanted the best for her brother.

Looking at his sister's reluctant expression, Zen smiled and tried to comfort her, "It's okay! I might be able to change back after I dissipate the Wild God Power out of my system."

Then his body began to shrink rapidly.

When it reached about ten feet in height, the shrinking stopped, and Zen's appearance didn't come back either.

As he looked at his fl

nd his expectations. Eastern Emperor Taiyi, Fuxi and the Snake Goddess had already made several powerful strikes. Gerald and Judson were also on the opponents' team.

If it weren't for the Grandmaster of Heaven, Othniel and Herbert would have already been defeated and the battle would have been over.

While the Grandmaster of Heaven was busy fighting Gerald and Judson, Othniel had managed to find a chance to trap Eastern Emperor Taiyi.

However, Eastern Emperor Taiyi didn't seem too worried by the fact that he had been trapped.


A strong bloodline power darted out of his body, and a golden sword light surged, spreading across the entire visible space.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sword light bounced back and forth, like laser beams between mirrors in the space that had trapped Eastern Emperor Taiyi. However, the space seemed remarkably stable. It could not be destroyed so easily.

"It's useless to struggle. Our bloodlines determine the difference in our strength," Othniel sneered.

With a flash of blue light that rushed out of his eye, several smaller spaces began to appear in a crisscross fashion across the space that had trapped Eastern Emperor Taiyi. Othniel seemed to want to use these small spaces to directly cut Eastern Emperor Taiyi into countless pieces.

When the small spaces began to appear, they immediately targeted Eastern Emperor Taiyi's body and locked on to him. Numerous large and small cuts appeared on the surface of his body. The cuts continued to deepen rapidly, and blood began to flow out.

Just as Othniel was about to breathe a sigh of relief with the feeling that he had finally defeated at least one of the opponents, a small figure suddenly appeared at the top of the spaces he had created.

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