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   Chapter 3920 Devour

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In a fit of rage, Lamont's eyes flashed as he activated the full bloodline power in his body.

An invisible yet tangible chill spread out.

Although Yan tried to block the chill with the help of the Cloud Cover Array, it was much colder than before.

The people on the edge of the Pear Hill were alright, but the disciples in the middle of the hill started to shiver from the cold. Many of them started releasing flames to prevent themselves from getting frostbite.

Three blue spheres began to appear in the sky, one by one. They almost looked like blue suns, but the light they emitted was not warm at all. Everyone felt as though they had fallen into a cold hell.

With the appearance of the three blue suns, the temperature in the Pear Hill dropped sharply.


Raising his hand above his head, Lamont lifted Zen up as though he were some sort of a sacrificial offering.

"Go to hell!

Three Freezing Suns!"

This had been Lamont's most powerful theurgy before he figured out how to create the Cold Prison from the truth power.

The three blue suns flashed an icy blue, and azure arrows made of ice started raining from them, shooting straight towards Zen.

Lamont thought that Zen had some kind of bloodline that could withstand, or even restrain, the coldness. Zen didn't seem to flinch in the face of the coldness, so Lamont was quite frustrated to have him as an opponent.

However, Lamont believed there was a limit to Zen's bloodline power.

With his truth power as a Chaos Ancient God, Lamont was confident in his own strength.

Now that all his bloodline had been activated, he was determined to defeat Zen.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

Countless thick ice arrows shot down towards Zen. Anyone else would have been pierced to shreds in just a few seconds.

However, there seemed to be an invisible energy film on the surface of Zen's body. The ice arrows that touched this energy film bounced off him, leaving him unharmed.

Lamont had already anticipated this, but he believed that the bloodline power within Zen's body would be used up sooner or later. With the Three Freezing Suns, Zen would be exhausted to death.

However, what Lamont did not know was that Gerald and Judson had already tried this method. The tw

do, Lamont began to struggle desperately.

But the more he tried, the deeper the barbs sank into his skin.

No matter what Lamont tried, he couldn't get rid of the barbs.

He felt as if he was the prey of a spider web, and was slowly devoured by the monster in front of him. Exhausted, his body gradually paralyzed and finally sank into darkness.

Even Yan and King Ieuan couldn't help but show a trace of panic when they saw what Zen did.

Was this truly the man they knew as Zen? Or was this some kind of monster?

At the top of the Pear Hill, Zen lay on the side of a mountain.

He had been conscious this whole time, but he had completely lost control of his body.

After he swallowed Lamont, his body changed again.

The wound on his chest gradually healed. A huge armor began to spread out from his chest, and many white hairs grew on his back.

His arms became longer and stronger, resembling those of a gorilla.

'Am I assimilated after I swallowed Lamont? Or did the ancestry-level bloodline do it on purpose?' Zen thought to himself.

With what had happened just now, his bodily transformations didn't surprise him anymore.

The ancestry-level bloodline could completely change the shape of one's body. Even if part of his body had been assimilated after he devoured Lamont, the ancestry-level bloodline should've been able to quickly repair it. However, it was possible there were other underlying reasons as to why his body took on some of Lamont's physical characteristics.

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