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   Chapter 3919 Helpless

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Zen's head remained latched onto Lamont's hand as if he was biting into it.

Then, Lamont raised his arm and lifted Zen's body with it.

"Let go of me, you bastard!"

Lamont swiftly swung his arm sideways in an attempt to throw Zen into the Pear Hill.

However, Zen remained firmly latched onto his hand. Even though Lamont was knowledgeable and powerful, a strong sensation of anxiety and vexation was creeping beneath his skin.

Since Zen wouldn't let go, Lamont raised him high in the sky and smashed him down to the mountain.

Unexpectedly, Lamont didn't feel that Zen was loosening his grip, so he smashed him again and again.

In just a few seconds, several craters appeared on the top area of Pear Hill where Lamont repeatedly smashed Zen's body.

However, even though Lamont felt that he almost used up all his strength, his hand was still unable to get rid of Zen.

Yan grew worried and speechless as she saw her brother being beaten so furiously.

Zen seemed to withstand all of Lamont's attacks, but it wouldn't be good for him to be continuously beaten like this.

Crash! Crash! Crash!

As Zen was still being rammed into the Pear Hill, a huge stone about ten feet wide flew towards the side and almost hit King Ieuan, who had just climbed out of the Pear Hill.


Before the huge chunk of stone hit King Ieuan, its tail whipped the stone at high speed, splitting it into two halves.

The other Ear Mice also followed King Ieuan and had a clear view of the brutal battle between Lamont and Zen. However, as they watched intently, there was a strange sensation that they couldn't shake off.

Zen was a dear friend of the Ear Mouse race. All of the members present, including King Ieuan, knew all of the miraculous things that he did in the past.

They never even thought that Zen could already fight the Chaos Ancient God after he got out of the Eternal Scroll Painting.

"I don't understand what's happening. Zen's current state is pretty strange. He seems to be seriously injured now, but he can still latch onto Lamont," an Ear Mouse told its observation.

King Ieuan nodded at the Ear Mouse's statement and stared at Zen with its soybean-sized eyes. "His body has indeed become very strange. I don't think he is injured. It's as if his body voluntarily became like this..."

"Does that mean that his bloodline affects his physical body this way?" one of the Ear Mice blurted as it was lost in thought. Actually, it was not that unusual for an Eternal Realm warrior to obtain some kind of b

nd extended as if it had lost all of its bones. It patted the Sword Blade Peak and injected a stream of green energy into it.


The Sword Blade Peak, which was frozen solid just seconds ago, instantly melted. Not only that, the surface of the mountain blossomed into what seemed to be a fairyland, full of various plants all around.

Lamont's jaw dropped while he was still in midair. Obviously, he was shocked at what just happened.

Even the others who saw the scene were utterly surprised.

"Zen, what is this?"

Yan couldn't believe her eyes. "Is this even a battle?"

Zen, a superior human being, and Lamont, a powerful Chaos Ancient God, were two of the most powerful beings in the entire chaos because of their abilities and strength.

But right now, the battle between these two mighty beings was not making any sense.

Lamont stayed in midair for a few more seconds, and then decided to go back down at the Sword Blade Peak. He patted the peak again and infused the power of truth into it.

After quite some time, Lamont noticed that the Sword Blade Peak wasn't freezing.

As he lowered his head, Lamont saw Zen's slender and boneless hand was also touching the mountain, countering the effect of his power of truth.

"Ha-ha! What the hell!"

In the distance, Dwight Xu couldn't help but burst out laughing.

King Ieuan and the other Ear Mice on the other side of Pear Hill also laughed out loud.

Even Yan temporarily forgot that her brother was in danger. She just couldn't believe that a vicious battle would turn into a comedy show.

"You bastard!"

Lamont felt that he was going crazy. His angry roar echoed throughout the entire Pear Hill.

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