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   Chapter 3918 Strengthen

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The Cold Prisons in the Blooming Jade Stage were forbidden lands for any creature, and even Zen didn't dare to enter.

Only those who were as supernormal as Pompeo could stay in a Cold Prison.

The Cold Prison had an extremely low temperature. What made it more terrible was that the creatures of the chaos seemed to slowly turn into light dots and then vanish into thin air inside it.

Yet for the creatures of the Abstruse Energy World, the Cold Prison was not so dreadful. Even some relatively weak creatures of the Abstruse Energy World would only be temporarily frozen when they fell into it. Once they left the Cold Prison, they would recover from frozen state, and again return to being energized and vigorous.

Zen had decided to take action because he was worried about Yan. Although the ancestry-level bloodline could defeat all the energy, the Cold Prison was very special. It could be possible that Zen himself might be destroyed in it.

The moment he came into contact with the Cold Prison, the temperature began to rise unexpectedly. Zen felt it was easily breakable.

"You know this is the Cold Prison? And you are able to break it?" Lamont finally uttered, after a moment of silence.

"There are many Cold Prisons in the Blooming Jade Stage." Zen smiled. As to whether he could break it or not, he didn't need to answer.

Lamont carefully looked at Zen. He had been thinking about whether he should kill him earlier. "It seems that I thought too much. I'm afraid it will take me a lot of energy to defeat you!"


Lamont tilted his huge body and pounced towards Zen.

He was an old monster that had lived for countless years. His eyes were extremely sharp and he possessed great knowledge.

Indeed, Zen had an incredible method to break the Cold Prison. Even Lamont was convinced that he was capable.

However, he also sensed that Zen's strength was not enough. Lamont's physical body was an advantage; it was no doubt that he could overthrow Zen!

When Lamont went to face Zen, a red light flashed from Yan's eyes. Golden light blades appeared, moving in cutting motions towards his head.

Lamont, having suffered from a loss once, drew a huge ice cover enclosing Yan's head. He then grabbed Zen in midair, and ruthlessly smashed him towards the Pear Hil


Before Lamont could figure it out, something more strange happened. Zen began talking to himself.

"Aren't you afraid of being in another person's hands?

If I lose, your situation will become worse!

I don't think they will let you go. You're wasting your only chance!"

According to the information from the brush-wielder and the four statues, Zen was the only one who had fused with the complete ancestry-level bloodline and was able to take it away. No one had ever done that before.

Zen's communication with the ancestry-level bloodline distracted Lamont.

Although he didn't stop punching, the agitation in his eyes was evident. It grew stronger and stronger as Zen continued to talk.

Who was he trying to persuade?

Was he trying to convince someone who could finish Lamont?

Zen's chest suddenly cracked...

Surprisingly, no blood flowed as his broken ribs were exposed, extending to both sides.

The texture of the broken ribs quickly changed and the ribs like two rows of blades directed towards Lamont.

The abrupt transformation broke off Lamont's attack. He felt an instinctive threat.

If he didn't kill this brat, something unexpected would happen!

"Go to hell!" he shouted.

He used up all his strength and smashed towards Zen's head.

Zen's eyes, mouth, and nose sank, revealing a horrifying appearance. His face was deformed.

As Lamont hit hard, his fist sunk deep into Zen's head with a sunken face.

Out of instinct, Lamont tried to pull his fist back, but he failed.

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